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Q: What did the Proclamation of 1763 prevent the British colonists from doing?
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What are governments doing to help prevent poaching?

government is doing nothing to prevent poaching

1 Explain what homespun virtue meant and how it set the colonist apart from the British?

In reaction to Stamp Act of 1764, which taxed all colonists including common man for the first time, the colonists decided to boycott the British goods. Before this colonists loved to dress like British and felt pride in doing that but after boycotting their goods, they started making clothes at home and now the trend changed. People who dress like poor were honored more because it showed their contribution towards loyalty to the colonies.

During the American Revolution what were the colonists doing?

During the american revolution the colonists regulated trade and taxes since the American Revolution was precipitated.

What was the Boston Massecre?

The Boston Massacre was an incident were colonists were throwing snow balls at British soldiers and so that people that were doing this would run away the British solders shot bullets in the air at the end 5 people were killed one of who is Cris picks Attucks an African American sailor who was part of the sons of liberty.

What were the Loyalist point of view of the Proclamation line of 1763?

They agreed with the king who stated that he was doing it to help the colonists by blocking off the hostile Indians from invading. The colonists were moving to the west(where they were promised land by winning the French and Indian War) but there were Indians living there that killed them, or drove them back. The king didn't want the Indians stealing the colonists' land, and he didn't want the colonists killed. He was going to try to make peace with the Indians, so that they'd get the land as a gift instead of by force. This didn't work out because then the colonists started the Revolutionary War.

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What were the British doing that was considered offensive?


Why did the proclamation of 1763 anger the colinists?

The victory of 1763 made the British own nearly all of France's and North America's empire. That same year, Britain issued a proclamation that prohibited colonists from moving west to the Appalachian Mountains. By doing this, it stopped western settlement which allowed Britain officials to control settler movement and avoid a conflict with South America. Britain also kept the colonists under watch with 10,000 British troops in America. many of the colonist didn't have more land

What did the proclamation of 1763 ban the british from doing?

i dont really know so tell me you stupied

What was Congress doing while George Washington was preparing the colonists against the British?

The congress pursued peace

Who is blamed for the wrong doing the colonies experienced?

The British were responsible. They were trying to show they had more power, and keep control over the colonists

How did the Colonists react to taxes imposed by the British?

The colonists had a Tea Party. No really, they had a Tea Party. They threw the tea that was delivered by the British out into the sea. They were mad. Believe me, I was there. Not really. I know they were extremely mad though. They had enough of the taxes. That was their reaction. i dont know what hes talking about but if youre doing aplus the answer is boycotting british goods

Why did Britain pass the Quartering Act?

The British were sending thousands of troops over to the colonies, and they needed somewhere to stay. It was cheaper to have the British live in the houses of the colonists, and King George could keep an eye on what they - the colonists - were doing.

What tactics did colonists use against the British troops on their march back from Concord to Boston?

The colonists used tactic we would now call guerrilla warfare tactics. They thought of their tactics as doing what worked when fighting the Native Americans, who also fought that way. The colonists hid behind trees and stones and waited for the British troops. Then the colonists would fire and retreat a small bit, then fire again and repeating this many times. Around 1500 out of 5000 British troops were killed and only around 100 of the colonies were shot.

Why were the colonists fighting the British?

The Colonist's were being used as the bank for England. England was in terrible debt due to the wars in Europe and fighting Spain. The biggest issue was that the colonists had no right's to speak to what the British where doing to them. They were 'being taxed without representation' and had enough. If the British were to give the Colonies representation in Parliament they would kept the colonies under the crown.

What did the law prevent the colonist from doing until they obeyed the law of the Quartering Act?

They had to house and provide food and care for the British soldiers that had taken post in the colonies to enforce British rule.

In British perspective why they felt the colonists should continue to be loyal British subjects?

Because of the protection Britain had offered from other nations. They felt as though they were doing a favor for the colonists, and that it should come at a price, as seen through the taxes. The taxes were to help pay off war debts to Frnce through the Seven Years' War.

Did the colonist get their independence from the British government?

Yes, because Britain is treating the colonists unfairly, and the colonists have rights to stand up and take action! Britain is violating those right, and the colonists are doing nothing to stop them! If the colonists separate from Britain, they then get to make their own laws, have their own government, and freedom!