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They brought food drink clothing clothes seeds people American Shorthair for mice to keep away,and,babies,children,axes,and anyother useful things

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Q: What did the Puritans bring to America?
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When did the puritans bring a thousand immigrants and a charter to america?


What drink did the puritans bring in the Mayflower?

The Puritans drank mostly beer and ale

What did puritans live in?

the puritans lived in America , Massachusetts bay colony .

How many Puritans came to America in 1630?

More than 1,000 Puritans came to Massachusetts, America in 1630.

Did the Pilgrims or the puritans sail to the new world in the 1600?

It was Colonial America,the Puritans

Did the pilgrims or the puritans sail to the new world in the 1600s?

It was Colonial America,the Puritans

What year what the puritans?

In the year of 1630, the Puritans arrived in America. Their main purpose for going to America, was to reform the Church of England.

Why did the puritans migrate to America?

for freedom

Who came to America in 1630?

The puritans

Why did puritans to America?

From religious persecution

What drink did the Puritans bring with them to the New World?


What did the puritans bring to American culture?

puritan religion