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The spitfire was a single seat fighter plane used by the Royal Air Force. It is grey in color and is distinguised by a large red dot on each wing.

color of my wedding is royal blue and white and that is kind of a lite blue

it depends on him and what they look like.

She seems like a rebel when I look at her, but I think she'd go better as a royal!

Roc Wants A Girl Who Is Like Imani Hakim

He is Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior. Look up pictures of him on google. He is mine.

Depends on how you look at it. Based on how the Jedi describe the Force, it's like saying the Force is a religion.

Me... Nawww Lol;) Roc Doesn't Have A Girlfriend!!

go on google or on youtube and find out

They don't care what you look like as long as you have a great personality he will like you

he is cool and were fly clothes and wears hats and cool shoes that's roc royal his fav color is blue

Look them up at then you will know.

Most of the body is blue and a yellow black fin.

They have yellow crest things by their eyes. They look like small normal penguins. Go to the related link below to see.

The Royal Bluebell looks like a pale purple flower, but does not, unlike its name infers, looks like a bluebell. It really looks like a weed! this is coming from a high school kid who knows what they are talking about.

Royal Palm, Roystonea regia, is a pinnate palm common in South Florida. Google "Roystonea regia" on Google Images.

On the web page of "Bees for Development" they describe it as resembling yoghurt or curds.

See link:

it is royal blue and has twelve corn yellow in a circle inf the middle of it.

I don"t entirely get what you mean by Giants. The San Francisco Giants, originally the New York (baseball) Giants won a number of Pennants . League championships are often called Pennants, as I am writing this the Pennant races are going on between the Yankees and Tigers for the American League Flag. As a pennant is a type of flag, they are also called Flags. You would have to look it up. Pennant refers to the League championship- not the World Series. Look under Baseball. The term Flag in the sense you apply it to Baseball pennant winners, is not done in Football.

No ,he's a boy u must b out of ur mind thinking that roc royal iz a girl does he look like does his face look like a girl face no it doesnt and if u say yes then u need some glasses people these days

it depends how da girl look like so yerpz!

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