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The Lakota or Sioux tribe is credited with the invention of the parfleche. It is a way of transporting a rolled up tipi system.

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Q: What did the Sioux invent?
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What were the names of the Dakota Sioux in 1862?

In 1862 the Dakota Sioux were known as the Dakota/Dakotah or the Sioux or the Dakota Sioux.

What languages are spoken by Lakota Sioux Indians?

Lakota Sioux. It was a dialect of Sioux. I know because I am leaning to speak Lakota Sioux.

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The Sioux spoke French, English and their Native language which is Sioux ( which was named after them)they speak sioux, which has 3 dialects- nakota, lakotah, and dakotah.

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did the Sioux Indians sacrifes

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