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The Treaty of Portsmouth resulted in the Japanese-Russian war of 1904-1905 ending. Japan got the most land, but Russia was happy to have the war ended, because it was effecting their economics greatly. It was also one of the causes for the Russian Revolution

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It was signed at the Portsmouth Naval Base, New Hampshire, on Sept. 5, 1905

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Q: What did the Treaty of Portsmouth result in?
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What was the treaty that ended the russo- Japanese war?

Treaty of Portsmouth.

What treaty ended the Russo-Japanese War?

It was the Portsmouth treaty.

Treaty that ended the Russo-Japanese War?

Treaty of Portsmouth

Which treaty ended the Russo-Japanese War?

Treaty of Portsmouth.

The russo-japanese war ended with what treaty?

Treaty of Portsmouth

What is was the consequences when the treaty or Portsmouth was negotiated?


What state was the treaty of Portsmouth signed?

The Treaty of Portsmouth formally ended the 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War. It was signed on September 5, 1905[1] after negotiations at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard near Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the United States.

What was a consequence of the Treaty of Portsmouth?

There were two Treaties of Portsmouth, one signed in 1713, the other in 1905.

Russo-Japanese War treaty location?

Treaty of Portsmouth, New Hampshire (USA).

What was the Treaty that ended Russo-Japanese war?

Treaty of Portsmouth (located in the state of New Hampshire)

What war was ended with the Treaty of Portsmouth?

Japanese-Russian War

How did the Russo- Japanese War end?

Treaty of Portsmouth in 1905.