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They played games, played sports, farmed, made art and told stories to each other.

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Q: What did the ancient Celts do for Entertainment?
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What was the only group of people that did not capture Ancient Egypt?

the ancient Celts

What did the Celts do for entertainment?

Celtic farmers found entertainment -and a healthy living- in stealing whole herds of their neighbors' cattle.

Who used ancient masks?

Egyptians and Celts Greek's.

What sports did the ancient Celts play?


Who were the first four people to celebrate Halloween?

The Ancient Celts

Why did the ancient Celts start to wear costumes?

because of halloween

Did the Celts have guns?

I assume your talking about ancient Celts the ones in roman times. If so no guns were not invented then if the Celts had a gun they wouldn't have lost so many men to the Romans. MistroJoe

What was the ancient dancing of the Celts or Gaels like in Ireland and elsewhere?

There is no documentation of ancient Irish dance that I know of.

What ancient residents of Britain retreated to Scotland Wales and Ireland?

The Celts.

What was the ancient Celts language?

i think it was gaelic. i'm not quite sure

Who made up mermaids?

The ancient Greeks and Celts had mermaid myths.

What were the Celts most noted for in ancient times?

Celts are notorious for being headhunters. One historical account by Diodorus Siculus says that during battle, the Celts cut off the heads of their enemies and attached it to their horses.