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the ancient Mayan people ate corn and many other spices that came from a 'allspice' tree

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they got their food by fishing if by the sea or collecting berries

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the ancient mayas wore old clothes like the ancient eyptians

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Q: What did the ancient Mayans where?
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The ancient Mayans didn't use alphabetic writing. Mayans used hieroglyphics.

Who invented the mayans?

Ancient MayansThe ancient Mayans created The Mayan calender .

Are the Mayans related to God?

No, the Mayans are an ancient Indian tribe in South American.

Did the Anasazi have ballcourts?

No, the ancient Mayans did.

What was ancient mayans social needs?

me no no

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ate the ancient shrooms

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Rain Dance

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The Mayans created the calender , the number zero , poetry and pyrimads

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Mayans and the ancient Egyptians

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What ancient civilization was a calendar which ends in 2012?

The Mayans.