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Children did not work in the camps.

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Q: What did the children do for work in the camps?
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What work did 13 year old girl do in concentration camps?

Children under age 15 were generally not used for work in concentration camps ...

Why did Hitler made camps for Jews?

to have them incinerated and to have them work the women and children were killed and the men were put to work.

Did Jewish children go to school in the concentration camps?

No, they were forced to work. Those who could not work were killed.

What wold they do to the people that are to weak to work in concentration camps?

The weak, the old and children were gassed as soon as practical after arrival at the extermination camps.

What types of work did people do in mining camps?

What the people did in the minning camps was, Gather to collect gold, and as for the women and children, they cooked and ect.

What did women and children do in concentration camps?

It all depended on what type of concentration camp they were assigned to. Some were work camps, so both the women and children would have been forced to work very long hours, with harsh treatment. However, some of these camps were death camps, which meant if a woman or child was sent there, they would be killed.

How old did children have to be to stay in the concentration camps?

Children had to be at least 14 to be in the concentration camps.

Why where children taken to the camps?

the children were sent to camps because they would be out of danger of the war

What happened to the women and children in the concentration camps?

The women and children were either killed like the rest or put to work like the men.

What did girls at concentraton camps do during the Holocaust?

Those old enough to do so had to work. Children were gassed

What did concentration camps do to children?

In concentration camps, since men and women were separated, young children were put in the women's section. However, if the concentration camps were also extermination camps, the children were often murdered upon arrival.

Why did the holocaust have concentration camps?

to make the Jewish men women and children do work and it was just to hurt them so sad

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