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Q: What did the counter-reformation and reformation lead to?
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What did the Reformation and the counter-reformation lead to?

less religious tolerance.

Who lead the Reformation movement?

Martin Luther started the Reformation movement.

What has the author Robert Bireley written?

Robert Bireley has written: 'The Refashioning of Catholicism, 1450-1700' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, Counter-Reformation, History 'Religion and politics in the age of the counterreformation' -- subject(s): Counter-Reformation, History, Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648

What did the Reformation lead to?

The Reformation led to the division of Christianity into Catholic and Protestant faiths.

Who led the protest reformation in Switzerland?

Zwingli and Calvin lead the Protestant reformation in Switzerland.

How did the reformation lead to political conflict and warfare?


Why did the Protestant Reformation lead to conflict?

Too make colonies

How did Martin Luther affect the Protestant Reformation in England?

his ideas lead to its creation his ideas lead to its creation

Which Church's practice help lead the Reformation?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe "Reformation" usually refers to the protestant revolt against the Church. As such, the Church did not lead it at all.

The necessity of the Protestant Reformation?

The Protestant Reformation was deemed to be necessary to correct abuses and corruption that were endemic within the Roman Catholic Church, which used its far-reaching spiritual, financial, and political power to control and manipulate people afraid for their eternal souls. The Reformation helped refocus organized religion on its fundamental tenets--and was responsible in part as well for the later Counterreformation, which was a reformation within the Catholic Church that sought to rid itself of some of these abuses. Better said would be a large number of disenchanted Catholics believed a change was necessary. And, the Anglican Church was believed to be too much like Catholicism.

What did iconoclasm lead to?

The Counter-Reformation, including the Council of Trent and the Inquisition.

What did the Protestant Reformation lead to?

increased rivalry between European nations

Five steps that lead to reformation?

Some of the steps that lead to reformation include knowledge, acceptance, willingness to reform and seeking help. Someone also has to commit so that the help can work. Denial only makes things hard.

The Council of Trent the Spanish Inquisition and the mysticism of Teresa of Avila were all part of?

The Counterreformation

What monk lead the Reformation movement and posted 95 problems with the Church?

Martin Luther.

What was the most important factor in cause Martin Luther to lead the reformation?

The selling of indulgences.

The Protestant Reformation starrted primaily becouse of the action of?

There was really more than one person who started. Of course Luther was big, but there were others who lead to the reformation, John Calvin was a contemporary of Luther, also Gutenberg inventing the printing press was a big catalyst of the reformation. In England, William Tyndale translating the new testament into English was a major even that lead to the reformation and this happened more than one hundred years before the time of Luther.

What impact did the renaissance have on Europe?

they began to criticize the teachings of the Catholic which lead to the reformation. -Gicel Paclibar

What was the key problem in the lead to the Protestant Reformation?

xhurch selling indulgences and being worldly and greedy

Who led Germans in a reformation of the Catholic Church?

It sounds like you are looking for the answer Martin Luther, but he certainly did not "lead Germans in a reformation of the Catholic Church", he left the Church and started his own.

How did martin Luther influence the world?

One way/ He lead the protestant reformation and started the protestant church.

How did Great Schism contribute to Protestant Reformation?

it divided the roman catholic church which lead to protestant churches

How did great schism help lead to the protestant reformation?

It weakened people's faith in Catholic leaders

How did the Great Schism help lead to the Protestant Reformation?

It weakened people's faith in Catholic leaders

The protestant iconoclasm of the renaissance period was heavily influenced by?

the reformation