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the people that signed it was a traitor to the british and the people that signed it got there rights back. John Hancock was the first to sing it.

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2011-09-13 23:56:45
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Q: What did the declaration of independence do to help people that signed it?
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How did Benjamin help in the Revolutionary War?

He signed the Declaration of Independence.

Who was the was the writer of the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence with the help of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and a few others. Signed, A History Nerd

How did Benjamin Franklin help in war?

He persuaded the french to openly and fully support american independence, and he signed the declaration of independence.

How many delegates signed the declaration fo independence? Go to this website for more info. But, to answer your question.....a total of 56 signed the Declaration of Independence. Your Welcome for the help......

What were two ways Benjamin Franklin help win the revolution?

He founded electricity and signed the declaration of independence

What might john Hancock have been thinking when he signed his name to the declaration of independence?

He was thinking he could save the constitution and wanted to help.

What did John Adams do to help America?

John Adams did a great number of things with the intent to help America. John Adams signed the Declaration of Independence for example.

Did Andrew Jackson help write the Declaration of Independence?

No, he was just a child when the Declaration of Independence was written.

How did the declaration of independence help cause the American Revolution?

The Declaration of Independence was not the cause of the American Revolution. It was the formal declaration of war.

How did the colonists reach out to british people for help before writing the Declaration of Independence?

The colonist WERE British, so they wrote a letter to the king ( the Declaration of Independence) to tell him what the problems were.

How did Benjamin Franklin help the revolutionary war?

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What was Declaration of Independence and how did it help your country?

The Declaration of Independence is what was declared in 1776 in which the US declared its independence from Great Britain and its tyrannical king.

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