What did the first computer look like?

According to me what I think is you can copy this below given Link in Address bar to know more about ENIAC (world's first computer with a Video Clipping)


The first ELECTRONIC computer (ENIAC) consisted of several rooms full of racks filled with vacuum tubes, wiring, and relays. You could walk down aisles "through" the computer which seems a strange concept given today's technology! It used a tremendous amount of electricity, generated a tremendous amount of heat, and had frequent failures.

It is possible to argue that Charles Babbage's Difference Engine was perhaps the first computer (though it was mechanical not electronic, see: http://www.answers.com/topic/difference-engine?cat=technology

Possibly the first successful programmable (by wiring), electronic, computer was the Colossus Computer built in Bletchley Park

Roughly like the photo above of the recreation of the Atanasoff Berry Computer, the first electronic digital computer (it was not programmable). The first programmable electronic digital computers were significantly bigger.