Hurricane Katrina

What did the government do to prevent the hurricane?


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Regardless of what hurricane this question refers to, the government has never done anything to prevent a hurricane, because hurricanes cannot be prevented.


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No, we cannot prevent a hurricane.

No, there is no way to control or prevent a hurricane.

No government in the world can prevent a hurricane like Katrina, it's part of the world's natural weather system and thousands of time more powerful than the most powerful nuclear weapon. All a government can do after a hurricane is to send manpower and money to help the clean-up. Some people say that the USA was a little tardy sending help to New Orleans after Katrina, but that's a matter of opinion.

Nothing because the government is corrupt and doesn't overly care..

no we can not do anything to avoid a hurricane.

Hurricanes cannot be prevented.

There is no way to prevent hurricanes from occurring in the future. Hurricanes are a natural phenomena. While we cannot prevent hurricanes from occurring, we can practice safety and become familiar with hurricane awareness to minimize any potential negative effects that can occur as the result of a hurricane.

We cannot get rid of or prevent hurricanes.

It is impossible to prevent a hurricane.

The government did not help enough with Hurricane Katrina rescue and relief.

The Government was the blame for Hurricane Ike cause there was no actual villian

Hurricane Katrina had an affect on the people's view of the government. They felt as though the government didn't care about their own people.

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No. Quite the opposite. American generally criticize a slow government response to Hurricane Katrina.

No one has the power or ability to prevent a hurricane. The New Deal program did create a large number of work projects to construct dams, which could help control flooding.

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Yes the federal government helped in the cleanup and rebuilding process.

some times, you can build sturdy walls and trenches around your home, city, or whatever is the weakest link of the country to reduce damage from a hurricane. However, nothing can be done to actually prevent a hurricane from striking.

It is impossible to pinpoint human influence on a hurricane. Of much greater importance is the vulnerability of populations where a hurricane strikes, and the response of the federal government to the disaster.

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It wasn't. Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster beyond anyone's control. However, some have said that a slow or inadequate response to the hurricane may have worsened the impact.

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