What did the highwaymen look like?

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What do highwaymen look like?

they look fearsome and scary

What did highwaymen look like?

Highwaymen can be generally described as scruffy, poor, and evil looking, but we have no pictures of any real highwaymen so there is no possible way to know if that answer is entirely correct.

Why did highwaymen become highwaymen?

The Florida Highwaymen became the highwaymen because there only way of making money and providing their families was by painting Florida landscapes and selling them on the highway then one day one of the 26 highwaymen thought of calling them the Florida Highwaymen.

What did the highwaymen eat and drink?

highwaymen drunk ale

What did highwaymen wear around their waste?

Highwaymen had pistols on their waste

Where did highwaymen originate from?

The English word "highwaymen" came into usage in England during the 1650s.

When did highwaymen exist?

Highwaymen existed in from the 16th century to the 18th century.

What did people think of the highwaymen?

Highwaymen were thieves, robbers and murderers. They were despised.

What is the duration of Highwaymen film?

The duration of Highwaymen - film - is 1.33 hours.

Did Highwaymen kill people?

highwaymen use to kill people because the people didn't have money to give to the highwaymen

When were the highwaymen around?

Highwaymen were probaly popular in the 19th century. (an approximate guess)

How were highwaymen punished?

Highwaymen were sentenced to death by hanging. They were hanged OR shot if they were caught.

Did Highwaymen steal clothes?

The group Highwaymen are not known to have stolen any clothes.

Where do highwaymen live?

highwaymen live in the epping forest or in caves!noo they lived with everybody else so they could blend in and nobody would no they were highwaymen

Who suffered at the hands of highwaymen?

Think of highwaymen as land pirates. They attacked anyone that looked like they might have something of value. And they were equally as brutal, often resorting to murder to silence the victims of their crimes.

What were highwaymen?

Highwaymen were thieves and robbers who preyed on travelers in the 17th through 19th centuries.

What are the release dates for Highwaymen - 1904?

Highwaymen - 1904 was released on: USA: 1904

Why did people become highwaymen?

Because the men who were in the war had nothing to do at the end of it so they were highwaymen.

What does a highwayman look like and do?

A highwayman was a robber who preyed on travellers, especially those on horses or foot. Highwaymen robbed in England and Ireland for much of the Elizabethan era up until the nineteenth century.

What is a collective noun for a group of highway men?

There is no specific collective noun for a group of highwaymen. However, an appropriate noun suited to the situation can be used; for example:a band of highwaymen (the collective noun for robbers)a den of highwaymen or a skulk of highwaymen (the collective nouns for thieves)a crew of highwaymen (the collective noun for road workers)

Where were highwaymen?

Highwaymen have been many places, but the ones from 18th Century England are the most famous.

How many highwaymen are alive?

There are a group of Florida artists called highwaymen- some are still alive

When was Highwaymen - film - created?

Highwaymen - film - was created on 2004-02-13.

Did highwaymen get punished if they did something wrong?

Highwaymen were robbers of stagecoaches, kind of like pirates on land. This in itself was considered wrong, and highwayman were hanged by the neck until dead if they were caught, which should have been punishment enough.

What type of paint do the Florida Highwaymen use?

Highwaymen used and still use standard oil paints.

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