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What did the horses in the ice age look like?

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they resembled today's horses only that they were a lot smaller in size.

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It was covered in massive ice sheets!

Horses were brought to America by the conquistadors. Therefore they were not in north America during the ice age.

Toy stores, such as Toys R Us, sell toys from Ice Age including stuffed toys that look like Diego. A person can also find a multitude of websites that sell stuffed toys that look like Diego and other characters from Ice Age.

Ice caps look like towers of ice.

Like an elephant I guess. Look on Ice Age :P

Horses that lived during the ice age likely at the same things they eat now. That would be grasses, grains, and fruit found near the ground.

Blue fish with spikey blue ears

Dinosaurs, like T-Rex and other things. At least those are the ones that seem most obvious.

it is prounced Breyer like thr ice cream brand and horses like the animal

It is thought that the North American horses died because of the Ice Age and then over hunting by humans.

probablyask him yourselflook up google maps ice age baby birth place and you will find him there

The ice age period was called ice age because it was the period of time when parts of the world like Greenland (which used to be green) got covered in ice

a horses is a four legged mammal that has been around since the ice age

I'd like to just skip the next ice age.

Horses did indeed become extinct in North America!. They survived, however in other countries.

It looks like ice frozen but its soft.

Much of what is today the northern United States was ice covered.Florida was covered with sand dunes.

a heck of a lot colder that's what! there were lots more ice formations, along with hairy elephant things called mammoths.

there wernt any homes before the ice age dummy!

it is like a ice cream

sid the sloth from Ice Age and E.T i love nathan sykes loads

Well, the "ice age horse", Eohippus, was very small. It had a split hoof like a cow and a tuft of fur on the end of its tail. Horses today are quite large, besides ponies and minis, and have whole hooves with completely hairy tails.

It was called the ice age because Europe and Asia were connected by the ice. Get it ice age.

Depends on how you look at it. But my guess would be no...

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