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What did the other countries involved in the Korean War other than the US do to help?


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Countries that were members of the UN (United Nations) sent troops to the war.

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many countries did not help with the Korean War.

The U.S became involved in the war because President Truman didnt want any other countries to be under communism so he decided to help South Korea fight.

Well there are alot of reasons why other countries did not get involved but I believe the main reason was because the other countries said it was not their problem.

The U.S. can help protect Canada and Mexico from any other important countries. It is important to do this so that none of the countries get involved in a problem.

they were involved by sending troops to help south Korea fight north Korea.

The U.S got involved in The Korean war and Vietnam for many reasons. The U.S got involved in the Korean War because the United Nations called upon all member countries to help support South Korea. The United States had a relationship and treaties with South Vietnam so when the North attacked it was our duty to honor our relationship.

No, America, should not get involved in other countries affairs, for many reasons. Firstly, there are so many problems in this country that need the money that the country is sending to other countries. People are homeless, out of jobs, about to get "thrown out of their homes," and still the country manages to get and send money and troops to other countries. Secondly, None of the countries, that America, is putting, its' "NOSE" into, ask for it's "help." Okay, I must say the Libyans asked for Americans help, so it might as well help. Those are some of my opinions....

some countries were trying to help but others didn't care what was going on they were just happy they were not involved

they can help other countries by eating vegetarians .

Spain and the US were the belligerents and they accepted such local help as each could recruit.

Countries help each other by trading and helping in times of disaster.

what are some ways in which caricom countries can help each other

The UN being a influential organization helped the USA a great deal as it provided her with back up she needed as the other nations involved in the UN would help USA if she was in trouble.

This was because the North Korean forces were pushed back further North and the Chinese thought that their border and that their country was vulnerable and so they sent troops to help push the Allies and the other nations back over the 38th parallel.

i think they help each other with ecconomy

money, food, military assistance, or other supplies given to help other countries

the us created the we are the world song and i don't no what other countries did

1) They wanted to stop the spread of communisum 2)South Korea wanted help 3)Korea needed financial help

N.Korea wants power.Thus, they hate all places more populated and developed then them.(such as America, Japan, ect)Also, the leader of North Korea and the North Korean Government is Brainwashing Their people to hate other countriesN Korea and S Korea have different governments, these two places do not agree with each other.One side is A democracy and the other is Communist.N and S Korea started a War, Called the Korean war.This war never ended. it was just paused because America and other countries got involved trying to help South Korea.

The Korean War 1950-1953, WWII 1941(1939)-1945, WWI (1914-1918) had far more countries involved than did the Vietnam War. The few countries that helped the US (Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, and the host country of South Vietnam) did so because we asked for their help.

it will help us work with the other people of other countries

It is unclear whether 'help' means 'help to commit' or 'help to stop'.

Political allies are countries that help other countries in war or something.

They Bay of Pigs involved the United States and Cuba, but it was ordered by Kennedy to help Cuba fight the Russians to get out of their country.

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