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The Merrimac and the Monitor Battle OR the Ironclad Battle

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Q: What did the people call the ironclad battleship during the civil war?
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What was the ironclad battleship of the civil war?

Wooden vessels plated with iron; there were fleets of them...not just one.

Ironclad battleship from the civil war?

Monitors, usually equipped with 11" guns; Vietnam Monitors had M49 105mm howitzer guns.

What was ironclad used for during the civil war?

Naval battle

What was the ironclad ship during the civil war in the north?

The Merrimac

What was the Norths Ironclad during the civil war?

The first ironclad of the North was the USS Monitor. Afterwards it built many ironclad ships, many based on the design of the Monitor.

What was the first ironclad ship made?

The first Ironclad ship ever made was by the northern states during the civil war was named the Monitor.

Were there any naval battles during the US Civil War?

Yes, there were naval battles; in fact, the first ironclad ships were invented during the Civil War.

How did Ironclad changed naval warfare in civil war?

The ironclad was a remarkable invention during the time of the Civil War. With the iron covered hulls, and the roof mounted cannons, they were thought indestructible. With this new ship added to the Civil War, sea battles became as important as land battles such as Gettysburg.

What ironclads fought on waters during the civil war?

The Confederacy's Ship (Merrimack) And the Union's Ironclad Ship (Monitor)

What is the south ironclad?

The South Ironclad refers to various ironclad warships used by the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. The most famous example is the CSS Virginia, formerly known as the USS Merrimack, which participated in the Battle of Hampton Roads in 1862. The South Ironclads played a significant role in changing naval warfare tactics during the Civil War.

What were the ships that were in the Civil War?

The ships in the Civil War were called the Ironclad.

What side did ironclad warship Monitor belong to during the civil war?

The USS Monitor was a Union, United States ship.