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Zeppelin bombing attacks of London had little actual effect, but the psychological effects were enormous.

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How did people travel from London to Berlin during the World War 2?

People did not travel from London to Berlin in WW2 unless they were in a military aircraft and dropping bombs.

How many people died in the London blitz in World War 2?

Around 18,000 people from London died during the Blitz. Overall, 46,000 People died.

Why was london bombed during the world war2 and why was the rural areas not?

London was bombed during World War 2 because the Nazis were attempting to demoralize the city. The country was not attacked because more people lived in the city.

Did Woolworth's department store go through difficult times during the war?

Woolworth's went through some very hard times during World War II. They stopped expanding for 10 years from 1940-1950. Many stores in and around London were bombed during the war. In 1944 a German rocket fell on a Woolworth store in South London and killed 168 people. There were another 122 people who were injured in the bombing.

How many people were evacuated from London in World War 2?

Nearly 2 million people (children too) were evacuated to the countryside during the bombing blitz in England during the war.

Where were London children evacuated to during World War 2?

From london to devon cornwall and cardiff

Who ruled London during WORLD WAR 11?

No one occupied London except for the brits

Who was held prisoners in the Tower of London?

Many people over the centuries have been held prisoner in the Tower of London. The last one was Rudolph Hess during World War II.

Was London in the blitzkrieg during world war 2?

Yes it Was, in fact East London was the targeted city.

What destroyed most of London during World War 2?

Bombs and fires destroyed much of London.

Who gives London the tree for trafalgar square why do they do this?

The government and people of Norway in recognition of help received from Britain during World War II.

Who was the American brodcaster in London during world war 2?

Edward R Murrow..............WW2 broadcaster out of London..............

What are the place took in east London during world war 2?

Maybe you mean Tooting in South London.

Where do people come from to visit the London eye?

People come from all around the World to see and ride the London Eye.

Where did people stay during World War 2 in Britain?

Most people stayed at home, unless, of course, they were actually bombed out of their homes. Some people moved out of London during the Blitz, preferring to commute to their work from the surrounding county areas.

Who did Belgium not let through during world war 1?

During the 1st World war Belgium Did not let the Nazi's through.

What was the biggest city in the world in 1900?

The largest city in the world in 1900 was London, England. London had a population of 6,480,000 people in 1900.

Was there a British queens in World War 2?

During World War 2 the British throne was occupied by a man, king George VI. His wife Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was the Queen consort of King during the war and they lived with their family in London through the War.

Why is London a multicultural city?

Because people from all over the world and all cultures have settled in London.

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