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What did the pilgrims do for fun?

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yes such as Thanksgiving and other holidays

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what did the pilgrims do for fun

The Pilgrims landed there in a ship called the Mayflower.

They either got sick and died on the boat or had to tend to the sick wow fun

if they dont they life gonna be so bored like rock and statue of liberty city

By sailing ships. Considering that our Founding Fathers were "Christian"/ Protestant (protesting Catholicism), Christianity probably came to our shores with the Pilgrims (about 1612). Fun fact: the first main building built by the Pilgrims (in addition to housing) was a church.

The Pilgrims did not have slaves. The Pilgrims completely took care of themselves. The Indians did become friends with the Pilgrims.

The collective noun is a flock of pilgrims. Others that can be used are a group of pilgrims or a crowd of pilgrims; or perhaps a busload of pilgrims.

Will you join the pilgrims? How many Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock?

what continent did the Pilgrims leave from?what continent did the Pilgrims leave from?

the governor of the pilgrims the governor of the pilgrims

The Puritans or Pilgrims were so called that in 1619.

The Pilgrims were from England.

The Mayflower was used to get the pilgrims to America. If you heard of Christopher Columbus then you heard of pilgrims and if you heard of pilgrims you heard of the Mayflower.

The kids would play with rope and hoops that they would roll with a stick. The men and women did NOT play. They ran around naked instead

Why did the pilgrims leave England How did the pilgrims travle to America When did the pilgrims first see America

the pilgrims were thankful for all that they had!

The Pilgrims sailed from England.

What were the pilgrims taught

The pilgrims sleeped on the flore.

We don't have pilgrims these days.

Pilgrims from England.

Pilgrims were separatists.

Pilgrims are people that take pilgrimages, so therefore there are no types of pilgrims.

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