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what are pastime for the plains cree

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Q: What did the plains cree do for a pastime?
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What are some traditions the Cree's had?

traditions of the plains Cree

What is the difference between Plains Cree and Woodlands Cree Indians?

the plains cree had prairie land whereas the woodlands cree lived in a more lively habitat. The Plains Cree used to live in tepees and hunted mainly buffalo, much like the other neighboring plains nations; with the advent of the horse these Plains cultures flourished. Woodlands Cree lived in wigwams (conical structures) similar to the plains, but hunted moose, deer and fished. Woodland Cree commuted the rivers in canoes as a means of transport. There are also dialect differences with some Woodlands and Plains Cree. Also, the dialect of "Y" is used by the Plains Cree and some Woodlands Cree use the "TH" dialect. The Plains Cree also tend to speak in a more sedate (slower) manner and the northern Woodlands speak faster.

How do you spell one in Saskatchewan's plains Cree?

The number one in Saskatchewan's plains Cree is spelled as "cīs."

Is the plains cree is the biggest tribe?

no the woodlands cree tribe are the biggest

What is the woodland Cree?

to start, the Woodland Cree are a type of Aboriginal tribe. there are also the Plains Cree as well. wood lands cree is awesome!

What are some plains cree tools?


What is the environment of the woodland cree?

The Cree lived near Lack Superior in Saskacthewan. The plains Cree adapted to any environnment nature hit. Their most important discovery in nature was the bison and the buffalo. Both were used to eat, trade, make skin and make houses (with the help of birch wood). The plains Cree were one of the few natives to do algriculture, as their land was in the plains. They simulared to the Ojibwes and the Sisiskas environnment. The Plains Cree were rich in water. The Cree's environnement very much affected their everyday lifestyle.

What are some traditions of the plains cree?

Ojibwa, anishinabee,

How did the plains cree record seasons?

Both the Plains and Woods Cree had a traditional historic system of 6 seasons, rather than the more familiar 4.Among the Plains Cree these were:Freeze (Mikiskaw or Kaskatinaw)Winter (Pipon)Spring (Sikwan)Break-up (Miyoskamin)Summer (Nipin)Fall (Takwakin)In modern times the Plains Cree have adopted a 4 season calendar, with just Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

What do the plains cree make there weapons with?

bones, dogs and cats

How did the house of the plains cree tribe look like?

The Cree tribe who lived on the Plains, lived in teepees. They made them from buffalo hide. They constructed these homes to be portable since they were a nomadic tribe.

Are the Plains Cree and the Woodland Cree the only types of Crees?

No. The Cree spread from the mountains of Alberta to the Nova Scotia area. There were many different types. Hope this helps.