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Actually the Queen didn't like him very much at all. She and the King only tolerated Columbus because he was their best hope for beating Portugal to the riches of Asia in their eyes. The belief that Columbus was a favorite of the Queen is just another myth.

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Q: What did the queen like about Christopher Columbus?
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Who was the queen that helped Christopher Columbus?

who was the queen that helped christopher Columbus

Which king and queen financed the voyages og Christopher Columbus?

The king and queen of Spain financed Christopher Columbus' voyage.

Who sponcered Christopher Columbus?

The people who sponsored Christopher Columbus were Queen Elizabeth and King Ferdon.

Who was the queen of Spain who helped christopher Columbus?

Queen Isabella

What was the results of Christopher Columbus's first expedition?

The First Voyage of Christopher Columbus: Having convinced the King and Queen of Spain to finance his voyage, Christopher Columbus departed mainla.

What was Christopher Columbus parents like?

what was christopher columbus parents like?

How much money did Christopher Columbus have?

Christopher Columbus was given 2,000,000 maravedis by Queen Isabella for his journey.

Why did Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand fund Christopher Columbus?

Christopher COlumbus would spread Christianity.

Who funded Christopher Columbus in 1492?

Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand what was Christopher Columbus's salary in 1492/

Who was the Queen Columbus asked for ships?

Christopher Columbus asked Queen Elizabeth for ships to fight the spanish.

What was the name of the queen who financed christopher Columbus?

Queen Isabella of Spain helped finance Columbus' voyages.

Christopher Columbus who did he work for?

the queen of Spain

Who sponsed Christopher Columbus?

THe Queen of spain

What was Christopher Columbus Sponsors?

The Queen of Spain

For what monarch did Christopher Columbus sail for?

Christopher Columbus sailed for King Ferdinand II and for Queen Isabella of Spain.

Who did Christopher Columbus go to for help?

Christopher Columbus went to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain for help.

What did Queen Isabella give to Christopher Columbus?

Queen Isabella helped finance Columbus's ride to the new world.

Who did Christopher Columbus worked for?

Christopher Columbus worked for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Working for means supplying his voyages.

What was the title Christopher Columbus granted to the king and queen?

Christopher Columbus is not a title granted to anyone. It is a name given to a person.

How did queen Isabella help Christopher Columbus?

she sponsored him

Who did queen Isabella of Spain sponsor?

christopher Columbus

Who sponsored Christopher Columbus?

Isabella, Queen of Spain

Who sent christopher Columbus on his journey?

king and queen

Who financed Christopher Columbus' voyage?

Queen ilsabella

Which explorer did Queen Isabella sponsor?

Christopher Columbus