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What did the queen like about Christopher Columbus?


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Actually the Queen didn't like him very much at all. She and the King only tolerated Columbus because he was their best hope for beating Portugal to the riches of Asia in their eyes. The belief that Columbus was a favorite of the Queen is just another myth.


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The king and queen of Spain financed Christopher Columbus' voyage.

The people who sponsored Christopher Columbus were Queen Elizabeth and King Ferdon.

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Christopher Columbus was given 2,000,000 maravedis by Queen Isabella for his journey.

Christopher COlumbus would spread Christianity.

Christopher Columbus asked Queen Elizabeth for ships to fight the spanish.

Queen Isabella of Spain helped finance Columbus' voyages.

Christopher Columbus sailed for King Ferdinand II and for Queen Isabella of Spain.

Christopher Columbus went to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain for help.

Isabella, Queen of Spain

Christopher Columbus worked for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Working for means supplying his voyages.

Christopher Columbus is not a title granted to anyone. It is a name given to a person.

Christopher Columbus asked Queen Isabella for money and ships. He needed funding to try out his idea of a new route around the world.

Queen Isabella send Christopher Columbus on a mission to find a western route the China to Asia (China, India, etc.)

When Queen Isabella and her husband, the king, finally did let Christopher Columbus go on the voyage, Christopher Columbus promised spices and jewels from "India" to assure the Queen and the King to not object him of his voyage to "India."

it is christopher columbus... (i think?)

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