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The experimental group of rats gained more weight.

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Q: What did the results of the experiment show?
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What is used in an experiment to show that the results of an experiment are a result of the condition being tested?


What do the results of this experiment show abut lung capacity and age?


Why are graphs used to show to data?

To show the results of an experiment or test.

Why is important to repeat your experiment?

Repeating the experiment will either confirm the results you've just obtained, or show up errors.

What results stay the same in an experiment?

controlled results stay the same in an experiment

What are the results from an experiment called?

The results of an experiment are called your data.

Which shows that the results of an experiment are reliable?

An experiment in which the results are repeatable....apex

When you sum up what is learned in an experiment what is it called?

The outcome of an experiment is a "conclusion", the interpretation of the results compared with the expected results and the goal of the experiment.

What is a disadvantage of an vitro experiment?

A disadvantage of a vitro experiment is that the results can be misleading.

Do your results have to match your hypothesis in an experiment?

The results of a science experiment do not have to match the original hypothesis. Indeed, the results collected in an experiment may be completely different to those that the scientist predicted.

What do you call the results of an experiment?

Observations and measurements made during an experiment are called the data.

A scientist does an experiment The results of the experiment disagree with a major scientific theory What should the scientist do?

Analyze the experiment to decide whether the results were flawed.