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dont lie i can see right through you

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Q: What did the skeleton do when his brother told a lie?
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What did the skeleton say when his brother told a lie?

dont lie i can see right trough you!

What did the skeleton say when his brother told him to lie?

well i think he called him a goon

Who is the first man that tells a lie?

The first lie was told by Cain to God. God asked Cain where his brother, Abel, was. Cain told God that he did not know, then posed the famous question: "Am I my brother's keeper?".

What does mantira mean in English?

lie as in told a lie

Am I worng to ask my husband to cut his friendship with my brother and his wife after they told a lie about me and I proved it was a lie he has no loality for me only them he stands by there side?

yes i think you were wrong to do that because your husband can be friends with who he wants to be friends with. Also I think your brother should say sorry.

Is the word lie a verb?

Yes, lie is a verb.Examples:Go lie down!You lied to me!Lie is also a noun.Example:You told a lie.

Can you accidentally lie?

No. A lie is, by definition, told with a deliberate intent to deceive.

What is the lie in The Lie by Holloway Horn?

The lie was told by the girl because she was not the woman Carruthers had with him in the hotel.

What actors and actresses appeared in You Told a Lie - 2011?

The cast of You Told a Lie - 2011 includes: Chase Kerby as Man

What is a barefaced lie?

A barefaced lie is a lie told with confidence without attempting to conceal the fact that it is false.

What eye did Alice walker get shot in?

Alice walker was playing with her brother and he accidently shot her in her left eye they where frighten they would get in trougble so they told her to lie and jhkujkvd

Did moses lie when God told him to lead the Israelis out of Egypt?

No Moses did not lie when he said God told him to lead the Israelite out of Egypt.God told him to go to Pharaoh from the burning bush.

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