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They wore uniforms with emblems.

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Q: What did the soldiers of World War 2 wear?
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What did world war 2 British soldiers wear?


Why did Japanese soldiers wear gloves in world war 2?

coz they did

What clothes did soldiers adults wear during World War 2?


What symbols did people have to wear during world war 2?

The Jews had to wear the star of David. I guess soldiers fighting the war had to wear symbols of the countries they were fighting for.

Why did World War 2 soldiers wear anklets?

They never did wear anklets They wore puttees to keep dirt out of their boots

What did the Japanese soldiers wear during world war 2?

tan colored cotton uniforms

How did world war 2 affect civilians and soldiers?

how did world war 2 affect the civilians and the soldiers

What uniform did soldiers wear in World War 2?

That would depend on the country that they came from or the unit they served in.

What did soldiers in World War 2 use to eat?

See the question: What did the soldiers in World War 2 eat?

Did soldiers wear green or tan in world war 2?

Americans wore Tan uniforms and green uniforms

Why did world war 2 soldiers wear netting on their helmets?

So they could put twigs and leaves in it for camoflage

How many Italian American soldiers fought in World War 2?

How many US soldiers served in World War 2?

How many soldiers are missing from World War 2?

Approximately 74,000 American soldiers from World War 2 are still unaccounted for.

How many Finland soldiers died in World War 2?

95,000 Finland Soldiers died during World War 2.

What were the limitations that were applied to your American soldiers in Vietnam that were not applied during a total war such as World War 2?

The troops had to wear condoms in sexual congress.

How many Scottish soldiers died in World War 2?

Over 50,000 Scottish soldiers had died during World War 2.

How man English soldiers died during world war 2?

383,800 British Soldiers were killed during World War 2.

What did people wear in the World War 2?

what did people wear in world war two

What are the wars of the soldiers who are buried in the tomb of the unknowns?

they were unknown soldiers from world war 1, world war 2, Vietnam war, and the Korean war

How many soldiers did Italy have in World War 1?

2 soldiers

There are about 4 times as many soldiers in world war 2 than in world war 1 what fraction represents world war 1's soldiers to world war 2?

1/4th or a quarter

How many soldiers participated in both of the world wars?

120 million soldiers in world war 1 and An estimated 150 million soldiers in world war 2

What did British soldiers do in World War 2?

won the war.

What did the soldiers go in to world war 2?


Were soldiers tortured in world war 2?