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Q: What did the tuatha danaan look like?
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Sidhe-seer an Irish woman that can see past fae glamour is this a creation of author Karen moning or did such women exist in the time of the tuatha de danaan?

Although such women allegedly existed, KMM invented the phrase Sidhe-seer.

What are the origins of the literary figure known as Queen Mab?

Queen Mab is a fictional character created in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Although Mab has appeared in various guises throughout time and is also associated with Tuatha De Danaan from the nonrthern islands of Greece 4000 years ago.

Where did the Fomor of ancient Ireland come from originally?

They were Ligurians (related to Basques) mixed with Lapps, and they came originally from Iuchurbe (ancient Norway). They lived in the Hebrides (Lochlann) before they invaded Ireland. They were defeated conclusively by the Tuatha De Danaan at Moytura, where Balor of the Evil Eye's eye was put out by a slingshot.

When was Tuatha Na Gael created?

Tuatha Na Gael was created in 1995-04.

When was Tuatha de Danann - band - created?

Tuatha de Danann - band - was created in 1995.

First people to settle in Ireland?

tuath de danaan

Did the tuatha da dannan exist?

No, they are legendary.

How many talismans did the tuatha DE Danann bring to Ireland on their mystic cloud?


What do you call people who lived in ancient Ireland?

Celts, Tuatha de Danann, FirbolgCeltsCelts.

What does Eriu mean?

Means: Érin (Ireland). Read Irish mythology (goddess among the Tuatha Dé Danann)

How was Ireland ruled before the Normans?

It was made up of approximately 150 small kingdoms, called tuatha in Irish. Each one had its own king. The High King of Ireland lived on the Hill of Tara in Co. Meath. He didn't rule the tuatha. However, if Ireland was invaded, he could draw soldiers from every tuatha in Ireland. This is what happened when the Vikings invaded.

Who descoverd Ireland?

Nobody really discovered Ireland. The legendary Tuatha Dé Dannan are said to be the first to live there. Then the Celts came along.