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To take note or consider

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What does the word 'persuade' mean?

to advertise

What is latin word for advertise?


What did The Word originally mean?

The New Testament

What did the word essay originally mean?


What is the opposite of the word advertise?

If you mean by 'advertise' to make public/proclaim/boast... then antonyms (opposite words) might be conceal, withhold, depricate. However there is no antonym for advertise in terms of its commercial use.

What does the word whiskey originally mean?

Water of Life

What did the word terrific originally mean?

full of terror

How do you use a sentence with the word advertise?

It's only wise to advertise.

What did the word 'anorak' originally mean?

Winter jacket.

What is the meaning of the word prefix De mean?

Originally from the French, it means "of".

What does the word sin originally mean?

A transgression against divine law.

What is the latin word for advertise?


What is the root word for advertisement?


What does the word pale mean in the Greek language?

The word is from the French, and originally from the Latin. "Pale" is not a Greek word and has no meaning in Greek.

What did sauna originally mean?

Sauna is a Finnish word with same meaning as in English.

What does libre mean in English?

Libre is originally french word. It means be free.

How many syllables does the word advertise have?


What is the Sanskrit word for 'advertisement'?


What did the word hotel originally mean?

The word deriving from the French hotel, and then from the Old French hostel, meaning "a lodging".

What is a sentence using the word advertise?

Example sentence - My company would advertise in order to increase sales.

What does hore mean?

In English, the word whore means a prostitute (hore is originally from Danish).

What does the prefix cycle mean?

The root word cycle means circle. It is a Greek word and was originally spelled cycl. It is a root word, not a prefix.

What did the word sauna originally mean?

The word sauna is an ancient Finnish word referring to the traditional Finnish bath as well as to the bathhouse itself.

What does the latin word Legros mean?

Legros is not a Latin word.It is a French surname originally meaning "the fat" (le gros).

What did the term word processor originally mean?

Originally the term encompassed all business equipment concerned with the handling of text. The term word processor came to represent stand-alone units.

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