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Q: What did the wright brothers parents do for living?
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Who did the Wright Brothers live with?

Their parents.

What is the middle name of the wright brothers?

The Wright brothers were not given middle names by their parents. Their full names were Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright.

What did the Wright brothers do as a living?

They where inventors

When did the Wright brothers' parents die?


Who were the parents of the Wright brothers?

Milton Wright is the father and Susan Catherine Koerner Wright is the mother

Did the wright brothers have parents?

Yes. They did have parents there names are reverend Milton wright and he is the dad.There name of there mom is Susan Catherine Koerner wright.

Are there any living relatives of Orville Wright?

Yes there are living relatives of the Wright brothers, in fact they are my great, great, great, great cousins! ~Raisa Wright~ 2011

What did the wright brothers mom do for a living?

The mother of the Wright Brothers was actually a skilled woodworker. She did not have a job doing this, however. She was also an excellent mother to the brothers and their five siblings.

Were the wright brothers australian?

The Wright brothers who invented the airplane were not Australian. They were born to American parents in Ohio of English, Dutch, German and Swiss heritage.

Who were the wright brothers parents?

Milton Wright and Susan KoernerReverend Milton Wright was their father and Susan Catherine Koerner Wright was their mother.

Were the Wright brothers brothers?

Yes, Wilbur and Orville Wright were brothers. That is why they are called "the Wright brothers."

What did Jonas brothers's parents do for a living?

their dad was a preacher