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Q: What did they build Stonehenge with?
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Why did the native Americans build the Stonehenge?

Native Americans did not build Stonehenge. Stonehenge is in England.

Why did the Babylonians build Stonehenge?

The Babylonians didn't build Stonehenge.

What are the bluestones from Stonehenge?

Moved from South Wales to build Stonehenge

Did the Romans build the Stonehenge?

No the Romans did not build it

Who build the Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is thought to have been built by the beaker people.

Why did the Romans build Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is pre Roman, begun about 5000 year ago

What type of stones were used to build Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is made of Sandstone and Welsh Rhyolite.

Did cavemen build Stonehenge?

No, Stonehenge was built by Druids, very much advanced from cavemen.

What purpose was Stonehenge built for?

Stonehedge was build to be a burial

Did the Romans build the monument known as Stonehenge?

No they did not

How did they build Stonehenge?

more than 360 years

What kind of materials were used to build Stonehenge?


What is the scale of Stonehenge?

The stones that were used to build Stonehenge are at least 30 feet long. The stones weigh up to 50 tons.

Who built stonehenge and why did they build it?

I am not sure all I no is that is it very old

What tools were used to build Stonehenge?

There were no written records left by the people who built Stonehenge. Therefore the exact tools used to construct it, are unknown. Many believe that anachronistic and supernatural methods were used to build the structures.

How hard was it to build Stonehenge?

It does appear to have been an arduous venture. However, nobody knows for sure how Stonehenge was constructed (at least in terms of building techniques).

How were the Stonehenge build?

By the use of sophisticated geometric design and prefabrication techniques.

How did the native Americans build the Stonehenge?

Oh dear ! Methinx someone is having a little dig at our US cousins ! Native Americans & Stonehenge have no connection.

Which one is older colosseum or Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is

What motivated the Druids to build Stonehenge?

The Druids didn't build Stonehenge, however they did practice their religion there. When people talk about the Druids and their strange beliefs and practices, Stonehenge always comes into the picture. Stonehenge has been acknowledged to have been built and completed 1600yrs BCE. The Stonehenge complex was built in several several construction phases spanning at least 3000 years, although there is evidence for activity both before and afterwards on the site, perhaps extending its time frame to 6500 years. Do a wiki search for more info.

How long did it take to build Stonehenge?

To build the whole of Stonehenge will obviously depend on how many people there was for the task. What we suggested was that, given a great concentration of effort, is the sarsen structures, the biggest bits of Stonehenge, could have been built within a period of three years. We suspect that probably it took longer. There is the opinion that Stonehenge was constructed in sections over a period of time that span as many as 300 to 500 years.

How big were the stones used to build Stonehenge?

on the sides 22ft on the top 8ft

Did stone age people build Stonehenge?

No, actually it was cultists who worshiped the sun.

In what country did early people build a circle of huge stones at Stonehenge?


Did the druids build Stonehenge?

There is absolutely no way that the druids could have built stinehenge for druids appeared about 200 years after Stonehenge was built. John Aubreys theory is nonsense