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Q: What did tom give daisy as an engagement gift?
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What does tom give daisy a day before the wedding?

Tom gives Daisy a string of pearls as a wedding gift the day before the wedding.

What does tom give daisy the day before the wedding?


What type of animal does tom buy in the great Gatsby?

In "The Great Gatsby," Tom Buchanan purchases a dog. He brings it home as a gift for Daisy, but she is not pleased with the gift, which causes tension in their relationship.

What phony excuse did catherine give for tom and daisy not divorcing in the great gatsby?

Catherine claimed that Tom and Daisy couldn't get a divorce because Daisy was Catholic and didn't believe in it. This was her attempt to cover up the deception in their relationship and maintain appearances.

How does nick know dasiy and tom in The Great Gatsby?

Nick knows Daisy and Tom Buchanan in "The Great Gatsby" because Daisy is Nick's cousin. He meets Tom through Daisy, as Tom is her husband.

What is the scene that nick observes yaking place between tom and daisy in the kitchen?

Nick observes a tense conversation between Tom and Daisy in the kitchen, where Tom is openly flirting with another woman in front of Daisy. Daisy seems uncomfortable and unhappy, but doesn't confront Tom about his behavior. This scene highlights the strained relationship between Tom and Daisy, and hints at Tom's disrespect for Daisy.

What was Toms gift to Daisy in The Great Gatsby?

Tom's gift to Daisy in The Great Gatsby was a string of pearls valued at $350,000. He gave her this gift as a symbol of his wealth and to show off his ability to provide extravagant things for her.

What does Jordan tell Nick about Tom Daisy and Gatsby?

Tom's having an affair and Daisy knows it, while Daisy is seeing Gatsby.

What impression does Jordan give of daisy's life with tom?

Jordan gives the impression that Daisy's life with Tom is one of superficiality and discontent. She describes their marriage as strained and lacking in genuine love, with Daisy feeling trapped and unfulfilled. Jordan also observes that Daisy seeks escape through her extramarital affair with Gatsby.

What happend to tom and daisy after Gatsby death?

After Gatsby's death, Tom and Daisy leave town to avoid any connections to the tragedy. They continue their privileged lifestyle, seemingly unaffected by the events surrounding Gatsby. Daisy stays married to Tom despite her past with Gatsby, while Tom continues his careless and entitled ways.

How does Nick know Daisy and Tom in The Great Gatsby?

Nick knows Daisy from her and his cousin's childhood. They are cousins. Nick first becomes acquainted with Tom when he is invited to their home for dinner. Tom is Daisy's husband.

What does Tom do to myrtle when she repeats Daisy's name?

Tom slaps Myrtle across the face, breaking her nose, when she keeps repeating Daisy's name and taunting him about his wife.