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Q: What did year did WWE superstar Kurt Angel win a gold medal with a broken neck?
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Did Kurt angle win a gold medal with a broken neck at the 1996 Olympics?


Who is the professional wrestler to win gold medal in olympicS wrestling?

In 1996, Kurt Angle won a gold medal with a broken neck. Only wrestler to ever accomplish a gold medal in wrestling history.

Who is the best superstar?

Jeff hardy or Kurt angle

How tall is Kurt?

Kurt Angle a former wwe superstar is either 6 feet 1 or 6 feet

How did Kurt angle get medal?

He won them in the Olympics

How tall is Kurt angle?

Kurt Angle a former wwe superstar is either 6 feet 1 or 6 feet

Where is Kurt Angel now?

He's in tna

Why Kurt angel leave WWE?


Is Kurt angel dead?

No he is on impact wrestling

What is Kurt Angles TNA theme called?

gold medal

What is the name of Kurt Angles TNA theme song?

Gold medal

Whose won the highest numbers of medal in olympic?

Kurt Angle

Where did Kurt angle go?

Former WWE superstar Kurt Angle left WWE in 2006. And is currently wrestling in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

What day were Nirvana broken up?

when Kurt died..

Are Kurt Angel and Randy Orton gay?

no randy orton has a wife and a daughter and Kurt angle is married and has a son and a daughter.

Who did Kurt angel unmask on tonight impact wrestling?

its gotta be aj

How many Olympic Gold Medals does Kurt Angle have?

One Olymipic Medal

When did Kurt angel start wrestling?

As an amateur in 1987 or so, as a professional in 1998.

What Tna superstar coming to WWE?

People say that Kurt angle might be coming back to WWE in December

What did Kurt angle win his gold medal in?

he got it in men's heavyweight freestyle wrestling. cool

What Olympics was Kurt Angle in?

Kurt Angle won the gold medal in freestyle wrestling, 220 pound weight class (100 kg), in the 1996 Summer Olympics.

What is the name of Kurt Angle's Theme Song?

In WWE, Kurt Angle has had several theme music songs. Most known is of course Medal, and the Medal Remix both by WWE's in-house producer Jim Johnston. Another one, which isn't much different from Medal is called "I Don't Suck" once again by Jim Johnston

How long have Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell break up?

They are not broken up

Where did Kurt angle win his gold medal from?

According to Wikipedia, Kurt Angle won his gold metal at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta Georgia for heavyweight freestyle wrestling.

Is Kurt Angle a baseball player?

Nope, Angle was a golf medal Olympic wrestler and is now a professional wrestler.