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Adolf Hitler made a great difference that was negative; but also positive.

Negative: He slaughtered, totured, killed, hung, tested the Jews as barbaric and inhumanly as possible. He exterminated them, including those who were not of Aryan blood and were mentally and physically disabled (like his sister Paula, who was living in an attic for an insurance company).

Positive: He brought Germany, a whole country, out of the great depression after World War One. He gave kids hope and wantedness. This was called 'The Hitler Youth.' Kids felt wanted and spent most of their leisure time at this activity spot. But the intentions of this idea were evil and were slowly brainwashing the innocent young minds.

Altogether, Hitler was an evil man and probably the most evil man ever to walk upon Earth. But the outcome of his methods were genius. If it weren't for him doing tests on the Jews, today's technology wouldn't be able to do heart trans-fusions and aero-dynamics. They tested pressurized air on humans, but the outcome was great, because it gave us the understanding of how high we can go, before we suffocate to death! And these cruel barbarcity gave not just Germany, but the world a greater understanding of what not to do and humanity itself!

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Q: What difference did Hitler make?
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