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The institution of slavery expanded and intensified in the South.

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Q: What difficulties resulted from lack of a strong national government during the 1780s?
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What was the national government for the north during the civil war?

republican government.

How did the role of government change during the progressive era?

How did the roar of the national government change during the war

Which economic policy was the national government allowed to implement during the nineteenth century?

What economic policy was the national government not allowed to implement during the nineteenth century?

What is the form of national government called during the Revolutionary War?


The role of the national government expanded significantly during?

New Deal

During the Great Depression of the 1930s the national government?

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the national government was in debt. They had to increase their spending for public services, such as food assistance because people were too poor.

During the early 1780's the authority of the national government was vested in which branch of government?

The Legislative branch

What body served as the national government for the states during the was of independence?

throughout most of the war the second continental congress accepted the responsibility of acting a a national government.

What group was the first government created during the french revolution?

National Assembly.

What things could the national government do during the articles of confederation?

declair war

Changes in the balance of power among the three branches of th federal government during the 20th century have resulted from the?

Expansion of executive power during periods of crisis

The first national government for the United States was?

the First national government of the united states was the Articles of Confederation Actually the first National Government of the United States was the Second Continental Congress which governed during the Revolutionary War. The Articles were the first written gov't of the US.