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Digital cameras have the battery life of the battery that is in the camera - which is to say, you can buy a longer lasting battery (or a backup battery) for your camera, no matter what the camera is.

The Canon IXUS 80 IS has the longest battery life.

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Which radio has the longest battery life?

Any of the digital atomic clocks have a battery life ranging from 2-3 years.

Who made the Nikon Coolpix digital camera?

This is made by Nikon. This camera model was often criticized for its relatively short battery life.

What is the projected battery life of a Canon T camera?

The battery life of a Cannon T camera will vary depending on its usage. The way one uses their camera will affect the length of the camera's battery life.

What is the battery life of a fuji camera?

The battery life for a camera like this would be about five hours. You could purchase rechargeable batteries to make the cost a bit better though. This is a good amount of battery life for a camera.

What disadvantages are there when using a digital camera?

A disadvantage of using a digital camera is that they cost more then what they used to because they can now allow you to put your photos on the Internet by just using a cable and one more disadvantage is that the battery life isn't that good

Which battery has the longest battery life?

It depends on how you use and maintain it.

What battery has the longest life?

I have done resarch for science fair and the battery that last the longest is definitly Duracell

Which smartphone has the longest battery life?

The Samsung Galaxy Note II (T-Mobile) has the longest battery life for a smartphone. The website Lap Top Mag offers a look at the top 10 smartphones known to have the longest battery life.

How did camera change your life?

digital cameras are fun

What store has the cheapest camera battery?

If you are looking for a new digital camera battery for your SLR or point and shoot, there are many items to consider before jumping right into the purchase. At batteries.com we want to make sure you have all the information you need before buying so you get the camera battery that's right fir you at a price you'll love. You may even find that the battery you have will get the job done a little longer with the right camera battery life tips.

Which camcorder has the longest batery life?

Sanyo and Samsung both make camcorders that have the longest battery life.

Do Olympus camera batteries have a long life span?

Olympus camera batteries last on average the same as other battery brands. To extend the charge life of your camera battery be sure to not use the LCD panel since it drains the battery.

What is the difference between a disposable and digital camers?

The difference between a disposable and digital camera is that a disposable camera gets its photos developed and is disposed after it's use. A digital camera lasts for the life of the camera and can store its high quality photos inside its memory.

Longest laptop battery life?

The Thinkpad T420 is one of the longest lasting laptops in terms of battery life. Sony Vaio S or Z can have an extended battery sheet (adding almost no thickness) that will make your laptop have ridiculously long battery life.

What are some of the features of an HTC Imagio?

The HTC Imagio is a Smartphone with a 5 megapixel digital camera. It features a touch screen, web-browsing and email capabilities, a digital recorder, and a battery life of up to 324 hours.

What cell phone battery has the longest talk time?

The larger PDA phones such as the Blackberry tested out as having the longest battery life.

Which Sirius Satellite Radios have the longest battery life?

All of the radio models share the same battery life.

What is the longest battery life I can get from a laptop battery?

The acer netbook claims to have 8 hours of battery life, which is far more then most laptops,

Which rechargable battery has the overall longest lifespan?

The best rechargable battery with the longest life span would have to be the new Hybrio rechargable batteries .

How much is a battery for a Canon camera?

There are several different types of batteries that are unique to the make and model of the Canon camera. Typically the Canon camera batteries are re-chargeable and the battery life depends on usage and age of the battery.

Does the coolpix s6 battery have a decent battery life?

It has about the same battery life as any other camera. You may want to carry a charger or buy an extra battery. That's what I do.

What portable CD player has the longest battery life?

Sony D-EJ011 Walkman CD Player has a long battery life.

Camera Battery?

Before purchasing a new battery for your camera make sure that it is compatible with the camera that you have. Check with the manufacturer on the pricing and warranty for the new battery. Always check the standard batterly life for use and while in stand by mode. Also, look out for any specials that local retailers may have on the camera battery.

Best digital camera?

One really great digital camera is the Cannon PowerShot. The PowerShot has a 14.1 megapixel, and produces images that are so life-like that you feel like you are there in the moment.

Did the digital camera change the life of people?

Yes because before they only used film cameras and after the digital camera was invented, people could take more pictures. The film camera can only take about 28 pictures.

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