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The Canon compact camera has a good amount of recording time . Usually recording around 8 minutes of high quality video and the newer models that have just came out can record even more , which is alot of video time for a digital camera .

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What is the best video recording software?

sony digital camera recorder

Somebody tell me what a dvr camera is?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. So a DVR camera is just a digital video camera capable of recording video. I hope this answers your query and good luck

What does IP mean on my camera?

It is a digital form of recording. The camera you have can directly save video to a digital media device such as a flash drive or onto your computer system.

Can you get a video recording by a digital camera?

Most cameras have a feature in which you can record a certain amount of video, depending on the size and availability of your SD card.

What is a compact video camera used for?

The compact video camera is used for recording things without a lot of motion. The compact video camera keeps the video you are recording still and steady.

Recording Home Movies?

If you own a Kodak cx7530 digital camera, do not go out and buy a video camera to film home movies. This little Kodak has a video recording function that includes an audio feed. This means that it is just as good as a video camera for most recording needs. You may not be able to film an actual movie with this camera, but it is quite good for recording memories as your children grow up. Use this around the home if you have not done so already and you can save money that you would have spent on a video camera.

Does a Police car have a video camera recording in it?

Today most police cars have a video camera recording most of the time.

When did the first digital video camera come out?

The first digital video camera was released by Sony in 1983.

How much is a digital video camera?

A digital video camera is likely to cost between $100 and $500, depending on the make, brand, and capabilities of the video camera. A typical video camera costs $300.

Is a camcorder a camera and a video camera?

A camcorder (video camera recorder) is an electronic device that combines a video camera and a video recorder into one unit. Equipment manufacturers do not seem to have strict guidelines for the term usage. Marketing materials may present a video recording device as a camcorder, but the delivery package would identify content as video camera recorder.In order to differentiate a camcorder from other devices that are capable of recording video, like mobile phones and digital compact cameras, a camcorder is generally identified as a portable, self-contained device having video capture and recording as its primary function.Some digital camcorders are also capable of taking still shots, but they are primarily marketed as camcorders.

What is a video camera?

A video camera is a camera that takes videos. a camera for recording images on videotape or for transmitting them to a monitor screen.

What's the Difference between video recording and digital recording?

Possibly none. Video refers to what IS recorded, digital refers to how it is recorded or stored.

What is the difference of digital cameras to video cams?

Digital or Analog media. Digital recorders record with bit's and bytes and have a file structure that is versatile enough to be read by many digital media devices. Video cameras that record on to what ever they record on to like a VHS tape or 35mm film are specific to certain machines. if the video camera is recording to a CD, DVD, or removable flash card SD, SD mini, CF, MD, MS/PRO/Duo, XD then it is digital video camera. Non removable hard drives on a camera but also in digital formats are also considered digital. in short if it is ready for your computer without going through some kind of analog digital interface like a VHS player with a digital output like S-Video or the use of a analog video input on the computer itself then it is a digital video camera

What are the benefits of a digital movie camera over a regular video camera?

The main benefit of a digital movie camera over a regular video camera is the ability to store more video in a smaller space. With a regular video camera you will need to use cassettes which are bulky and limited storage capacity. With a digital camera the disks are small and have large storage capacities.

What are the specification for BlackBerry Bold 9780's camera?

BlackBerry Bold 9780 has Camera and video recording option as it's previous models does. it holds a 5 MP camera with Flash and 2X digital zoom .

What is the meaning of digital in digital camera?

digital is , in digital camera , something that stores the picture or video it takes in electronic format instead of to film.

digital video camera vs analog.?

Yes, the picture quality of a digital video camera is a lot better than an analog camera. They are fantastic for filming sports events.

What is DVCAm?

DVcam=digital video camera.

How good is the iphone 3GS video camera?

you will get video recording applications from i tunes

How much did the first digital video camera cost?

The first digital video camera had a cost of $490.00. Now a day, video cameras are not too expensive, as they are not really used.

What is a mavica digital camera?

Mavica was a brand of Sony cameras which used removable disks (1.44 Mb diskettes) as the main recording media. In August, 1981, Sony released the Sony Mavica (Magnetic Video Camera) electronic still camera, the first commercial electronic camera. It was not a digital camera, as its CCD sensor produced a video signal in the NTSC format at a resolution of 570*490 pixels.

What is the best digital video camera to buy for Photographers?

Any video camera made by Sony (Sony NXCAM) or Canon (XF300) should be a good quality camera that a professional photographer can use for digital video needs.

Does a Polaroid camera take video?

No. The newer Digital Polaroid camera Do take video. It will depend on the size of the sd card you have in the camera.

What is an fact about a digital camera?

compared to a non-digital camera, interesting facts about digital cameras include, but is not limited to: >displaying images on a screen immediately after they are recorded >storing thousands of images on a single small memory device >recording video with sound >and deleting images to free storage space

How much does a Vidster digital video camera cost?

The Vidster digital video camera can be found at Amazon, and also at local toy stores. The cost is approximately $75 for the camera (not including batteries).

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