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What digs through soil?


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moles, worms


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they make burrows under the soil.

He helps the soil by churning it up while he digsit also helps by aerating the soil .

Because he digs holes through the ground and roams within. Because he digs holes through the ground and roams within.

An archaeologists dig is called an excavation. These digs are not taken lightly, and many hours are taken to careful sift through soil, in order not to damage the artifacts.

When the worm digs in the soil it soften it making it easier for plants to grow. it helps them stay hydrated and they take in minerals from there skin

When he escapes through the tunnel he digs.

A deep foundation is distinguished by a shallow foundation... A shallow foundation digs into shallow ground whereas a deep foundation digs a lot deeper into the ground and soil

Earthworms are smooth because they excrete a mucus. The mucus serves as a lubricant for the worm as it digs in the soil. Without it, they could only dig in very soft soil.

The person who digs through the trash has a low iq from 32-55.

it wiggles its way through the soil.

A plow is a device used to prepare the soil for planting crops. It is dragged behind a tractor, horse or oxen and digs a long groove in the soil called a furrow. soil in the furrow is thrown to one side and inverted.

The Arctic Hare digs through the snow and looks for vegetation.

A mole digs through the ground using it's head.

The amount of soil on the earth changes by the minute. Through decomposition soil is created and through compaction soil is changed into other things.

no he is a poser who digs through trash No crap sherlock!!!!your suck you got that right

worms eat through the soil then it removes its waste

A paleontologist, digs up fossils.

An earthworm is not useless! It has a large contribution to plants because when it digs in the soil it gives a passageway for water and air to reach the roots easier.

digs easily through dirt and sand. for more info look at the minecraft wikia

The marsupial mole digs through the sand with its big shovel-like claws.

Soil is created through decomposition.

that soil can let water through it.

Lord Carnarvon financed his digs

After the queen mate, she goes to a place where soil come then she digs in and out from her mouth and go back outside to take the soil from her mouth (I ment she spit it), after it's enough place for the queen she lays her eggs.

David digs Dana. Dana doesn't dig David. Dana digs Doug. Doug digs David. David doesn't do dudes; David digs dames. Dating disaster.

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