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Most rotate east to west - the same direction as the Earth below.

This is a requirement for geostationary orbit, and requires the least energy for launch.

But there are other sattelites that travel in any other conceivable direction;

the most common "weird" direction is pole to pole.

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2020-10-15 20:02:42

Hang on... NASA says west to east.
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2020-10-15 20:04:04

The sun appears in the east first as that is the direction of the Earth's spin

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Do all satellites orbit the same direction?


Where do communication satellites orbit?

Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.

Do satellites orbit the stratosphere?

No. The satellites orbit in the Exosphere layer.

How do communication satellites get into orbit?

Communication satellites are lifted into orbit by rockets.

What part of the atmosphere do satellites orbit in?

Satellites, orbit in outer space. They do not orbit in the Earth's Atmosphere.

How many satellites orbit the US?

Satellites cannot orbit the US; they orbit the Earth, and there are several thousand of them.

What layer of the atmosphere do satellites orbit?

Satellites don't orbit in the atmosphere. period.

Does dbs also known as direct broadcast satellite such as directv and dishtv orbit in a geosynchronous orbit?

Yes, the satellites orbit in a geosynchronous orbit, as with most all communications satellites. (Some exceptions are satellites such as the global positioning satellites.)

What is the tv satellites orbit called?

The tv satellites orbit called is a geo stationery.

How many satellites orbit Mercury?

Mercury has no known natural satellites (moons) or man made satellites currently in orbit around it.

How many satellites does Mercury orbit?

Mercury is in direct orbit around the sun, it has no known natural satellites, and is not in orbit around any.

How high do the GPS satellites orbit?

GPS satellites orbit at 11,000 nautical miles above the Earth

How are planets different from satellites?

Planets orbit a sun. Satellites (man-made or natural) orbit planets.

What is the name of the orbit that allows satellites to orbit the earth but yet appear stationary?

The Earth orbit in which satellites appear to be stationary is called the, "Geostationary Orbit". Some call it a synchronous orbit.

What orbit are monitoring satellites put into?

Polar orbit

How many satellites orbit Saturn?

there is no satellites orbiting Saturn

What are the name of satellites of planet venus?

No satellites orbit Venus

Are there satellites on Saturn?

Specifically, yes there are satellites that orbit Saturn. The satellites are the moons of Saturn.

Do satellites ever orbit in groups?

Generally, no. If the altitude of the orbit is different, the speed of the orbit will also differ, and the two satellites will diverge. About the only exception is for geosynchronous satellites, which all share roughly the same orbit a degree or two apart.

Some satellites are put into an orbit around the earths poles what is this type of orbit called?

Circum polar satellites.

Do all space satellites stay in the thermosphere?

No. That only applies to low Earth orbit. Geostationary satellites orbit beyond it.

The layer where satellites orbit?

The layer of the atmosphere where satellites orbit is called the Exosphere. This is the outermost layer of the atmosphere above the Earth.

What are the names of the satellites in orbit?

There are lots and lots of satellites in orbit around Earth, too numerous to list. And some satellites are secret. I am adding a link to a list of geosynchronous satellites I found. That doesn't answer anything

Medium earth orbit satellites?

With large number of low-earth-orbit satellites and the geo-synchronous orbit stuffed full of communications satellites, there aren't all THAT many "medium" altitude satellites. But there are some. The GPS navigation satellites, for example, are in highly inclined 12-hour orbits, and an unknown number of military "spy" satellites are in that middle range.

Approximately how many satellites are in orbit?

There are approximately 560 currently functional satellites in orbit, there are around 8000 total man made satellites in orbit. The SSN tracks everything in orbit over the size of 10cm and in its history has tracked over 26000 objects to date.

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