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It faces Southeast, if we assume that home plate is facing toward the outfield.

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Target Field. They played in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome from 1981-2009, Metropolitan Stadium from 1961-1981, and Target Field 2010-Present. Target Field is located in downtown Minneapolis. The Metrodome is just a few blocks down from the Metrodome, and Metropolitan Stadium formerly stood on the current site of the Mall of America. The home plate is located in the middle of Nickelodeon Universe, where there is a plaque shaped like home plate on the ground.

australian plate is moving which direction?

It depends on which plate tectonics you are talking about. Each plate has its specific direction of movement. All plate tectonics move in different directions.

They don't move in a specific direction. Every plate moves in it's own direction and sometimes they can change directions.

The Indo-Australian plate moves Northeast as the Pacific Plate moves around it in a Northwest direction as if rotating.

The motion created is, 1 plate moves in one direction, while the second plate moves in the opposite direction.

THE PICIFIC plate moves left

At the start of the 2008 season, center field is 415 feet from home plate.

The pacific plate is moving in a northwesternly direction

The Nazca plate is moving east-west

no electric field is not a potential field .ELECTRIC FIELD IS A SCALAR QUANTITY WHERE AS POTENTIAL IS THE VECTOR QUANTITY. NO SCALAR QUANTITY HAS A FIELD SO THERE IS NO RELATION BETWEEN ELECTRIC FIELD AND POTENTIAL OR IN OTHER WORD POTENTIAL HAS NO FIELD <<>> An electric field is a vector field, because it has magnitude and direction. A pair of charged parallel plates has an electric field between them directed from the negative to the positive plate. The electric field is the gradient of the potential, which is another field but a scalar one. A field is just a quantity with a value that depends on positon. The potential is measured in volts and if one plate is grounded and the other at positive potential V, the potential rises from zero to V as the position changes from the lower plate to the top one.

The Philippine plate is moving west, subducting, or moving underneath the Eurasian plate.

the North American plate is moving in the same direction as the Pacific plate but slower.

The pacific plate moves towards the northwest. the plate moves the older volcanoes with it and so the hot spot produces new volcanoes.

Cocos Plate is moving towards the north-east.

it moves upwards into the eurasian plate to form Himalayas

pacific plate moves north-westwards past the North American Plate.

plate techtonics move in many directions, they move in the direction that the convectoin currents move which are in the mantle rotating in a circular motion

the mound is 60 feet away from the plate

The North American Plate is moving in a slightly northwesterly direction.

Hot spots can be used to track plate movements.

A plate boundary is like the boundary of a soccer or football field. The edge of a lithospheric plate where it meets another lithospheric plate.

because it is very close to a plate margin

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