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well. people constantly tell them to go home....

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Q: What disadvantages do migrants face in Australia?
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What are the disadvantages of living in Australia?

The disadvantages of doing immigration to Australia are : (1) Living far from family in home country. (2) Starting new life. (3) English problems, ambition problems. This are general problems faced by new migrants in Australia.

When did the first british migrants arrive in Australia?

The first British migrants arrived in Australia in 1788.

Why did English migrants move to Australia?

The English migrants moved to Australia because some of them had to. The English were sending prisoners and convicts to Australia as a way of punishment.

Where do migrants to Australia come from?


When did the migrants leave Italy to come to Australia?

Italian migrants arrived soon after the First Fleet.

How did bratwurst come to Australia?

With German migrants.

How did Italian Migrants get to Australia?

they travilled by plane

What problems did Italian immigrants face coming to Australia?

Italian migrants faced problems such as finding housing, issues related to language, and trying to find work. Migrants also faced issues such as not being welcomed by many Australians.

Where do migrants settle in Australia?

Migrants may settle anywhere in Australia they want to, but they tend to settle where there are employment opportunities, or often within their own cultural communities.

How did migrants travel to Australia after World War 2?

Ships moved most migrants after WW 2.

What are migrants are best known for woodwork in Australia?


Who were the first English migrants to Australia?

The First Fleet brought the first English migrants, or settlers, to Australia on 26 January 1788. These were the convicts, officers and marines, and their families.

When did the first English migrants settle in Australia?

The first English migrants to Australia were convicts, officers and marines (and their families), who arrived with the First Fleet on 26 January 1788.

What sort of work did the Chinese migrants do when they first arrived in Australia?


Why did migrants come to Australia in 1942?

Many migrants arrived in Australia in 1942 to escape the ravages of war in Europe. Although Australia was also at war, and Darwin was bombed many times by the Japanese, the effects of war in Australia were minimal compared to the effects in Europe.

Does Australia have the largest amount of immigrants?

No, the USA does. But Australia is the 11th country in the world with the largest amount of migrants.

What jobs did Australia offer migrants?

just because we are awesome people

How did Chinese migrants come to Australia?

by boat, but nowadays they come in planes

How many Middle Eastern migrants living in Australia?

76.653 million

Why was Australia looking for large numbers of migrants after the war?

To use for slaves

Are the Irish migrants?

If you mean are THERE Irish migrants, then yoe they came to Australia in the 18 hundreds because of poverty famine and bad living situations.

Advantages and disadvantages of face to face communication?

Advantages of face to face communication is that you can look at a persons body language in order to tell how they are feeling. Disadvantages is that it can be awkward sometimes.

How many Chinese migrants migrated to Australia during the gold rush?

38 thousand

Why did the Japanese people come to Australia?

Because they love Australia, it's a tropical place in northern parts. Unless they're migrants.

Who are the third migrants of Australia?

Australia, Canada, and the United States are all considered "traditional countries of immigration If that's what u mean