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the black plague

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Q: What diseases did you get if you got the black plague?
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What diseases were in the 16th century?

one disease was the black plague

What is the duration of black plague?

The duration of the black plague was the 14th Century where many countries had been affected by this most devastating diseases

What diseases where in the black death?

It is actually called plague but the reason they call it the black death is because when someone caught the "black death" the got black spots on their skin and would momentarily die. The way they got read of the smell of death they would carry pockets full of poesy's. The song "roses roses" is based on the black plague.

What middle age diseases spread by insects?

Black plague by fleas

What kind of diseases were there in France after world war 2?

the black plague

Was the black plague the first plague ever?

No, the first plague was the bubonic plague in Rome.ok that person erased my answer. no it was not, the bubonic plague is the same plague, only a different name.The black plague was not the first plague ever. Outbreaks of many diseases in large numbers are called plagues. The black plague is called that because lymph nodes became swollen and black (gangrenous).

What was ironic about the plague?

That it was the "Black Plague." Why's it always got to be the black stuff putting the white stuff down.

What countries got the Black Plague?

Contries in europe.

Why was the black plague also called the bubonic plague?

Because the little black marks or pustules they got were called bubos

How did the black plague stopped?

The black plague got stopped becuase the immunity of a person built up and fought it off

What diseases do black-footed ferrets get?

Black-footed ferrets are highly susceptible to canine distemper and sylvatic plague.

What were the diseases of the black death?

The Bubonic Plague (Black Death) was a disease that wiped out a large part of the European population.

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