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Well, there are many diseases you can and most likely will get. You always want to be sanitary. Diseases can be very dangerous and threatening so DO NOT go places that are very unsanitary and nasty, even if it means not going to a friends house. Keep youself safe!

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Q: What diseases you can get in the unsanitary community?
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How did people believe diseases were spreading during Elizabethan times?

It is believed that diseases spread through the unsanitary citites and the dumping of trash in community rivers

Why was it hard for the slaves to fight diseases?

They were malnourished, sleep deprived and kept in unsanitary living conditions which were overcrowded.

What is a outbrake?

the first research of the diseases that verified the diseases in the community.or the diseases that are spared in the community.

What contributed to spread of diseases in the US Civil War?

During the US Civil War, diseases were the cause of more deaths than gun fire. The spread of diseases was due to unsanitary conditions and the lack of modern day antibiotics.

Did people die in boom towns?

Yes, they did: starvation, excessive drinking, and fighting over claims, also from diseases due to unsanitary conditions.

What are three most prevalent chronic diseases that affect the African American community?

Several chronic diseases affect the African-American community. They include sickle cell anemia, and other diseases such as hepatitis, flu, mumps, and measles.

Why are communicable diseases potentially more dangerous than non-communicable diseases in a community?

Because non-communicable diseases are not passed from one person to another - communicable diseases are.

What is unsanitary water supply?

drainage or sewage water are unsanitary water

Unsanitary water in South Africa?

Yes there is unsanitary water in Africa

What is correct word insanitary or unsanitary?

I prefer "insanitary" over "unsanitary"

What is the Canadian Community Health Survey?

The Canadian Community Health Survey is annually carried out on the residents of Canada to keep track of different diseases affecting the Canadian society and to detect new diseases and prevent them.

How does the RSPCA relate to the community?

The RSPCA relates to the community because it helps with all animals with aids and other types of diseases