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I think it is Cher

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Q: What diva sings the song believe?
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Who sings WWE diva Ashleys song?

The Person who sings Ashley`s song is ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who sings the new rap song certified diva?

tyler lane

Who sings WWE diva lita's theme song?

It is lovepassionfurry by Boxcar

Who sings WWE diva maryse's theme song?

Pop singer Adam Lambert sings Maryse's theme song,Pourquoi.

Who sings wwe diva trish stratus's theme song?

lil kim

Who sings a song with lyrics that go someone to believe in?

Poison sings a song called "Something to Believe In"

Who sings nasty girl - WWE diva Layla El's theme song?


Who sings WWE diva Natalya theme song?

Jim Johnston. It says it on the cd

Who sings the song believe?


Who sings the Believe song for the padres?

Believe - The Bravery

Who sings WWE diva maryses theme song?

James A. Johnston sings her theme song.It says it on the WWE Voices CD.

Who sings be courageous?

I believe that Chris Tomlinson sings the song Courageous.

Who sings WWE diva Torrie Wilson's theme song?

The song is "Need a Little Time" by Lilian Garcia.AnswerTorrie Wilsons theme song sings WWE Diva Lilian Garcia. Answerthe singer is named Jackie o Answer I actually think it is eleventh hour "A Girl Likr That"

Who sings the song with the lyrics got no motivation?

I believe Sum 41 sings a song called motivation

Who sings WWE diva Eve Torres's theme song?

Jim Johnston. It is called She Looks Good.

Who sings the song believe in you?

if i am correct this song is sung by Celine Dion

Who sings 'Dirty Laundry'?

Don Henley sings the song "Dirty Laundry". The song is from the 80's I believe.

What female singer sings i believe?

This song is by Cher.

What country duo sings the song believe?

I believe that's Brooks and Dunn

Who sings I believe that love is the answer?

Building 429. The song's just called "I Believe".

What is the song diva about?

diva by beyonce??? if so then its about beyonce that is a diva and she wants to meet a diva basically just listen to the song

Who sings the song called love is all about you?

the beatles i believe

Who sings theme song for hung?

The Black Keys I believe.

Who sings the gospel song 'Believe He Saves the Best for Last'?


Who sings the catdog theme song?

Jamie West , i believe .