What do 6th grade girls look for in a guy?

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  • Girls want the guys to be funny, sweet
  • Not a cheater
  • Someone who is going to be there for them
  • A guy who's sensitive but not a crybaby
  • A guy who isn't embarrassed to be around her
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Q: What do 6th grade girls look for in a guy?
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What do 12-year-old girls look for in a 13-year-old guy?

The cuteness the sweet way of talking and the Sweet "Hotness" trust Me i am 12 and in 6th grade

Is it okay to like a guy in 6th Grade?

Of course it's okay. I know plenty of girls who had relationships in kindergarten!

Do blonde headed 6th grade boys like freckles on a 6th grade girl?

It all depends on the guy maybe and if you are the girl with the freckles don't think just because you have them doesn't mean guys won't like you becaus study will you are beautiful and freckles look cute on girls!:)

How do girls like boys in 6th grade?

I am a girl and was in 6th grade last year. My advice: Lots of times(sadly) girls just look at the outside, so first of all, dress nicely, take care of your hair (usually the feature girls consider most) and just take care of yourself. -Girls sometimes like smart boys, So try not to fail sixth grade(LOL). - Be nice, and polite. Hold doors open for girls, help them with carrying something that seems too heavy. -I personally like a funny guy, possibly one who plays a sport Well, a smart guy, and a CUTE guy.

How do you get a 6th grade guy to ask you out when you're friends with him?

if you're in 6th grade it doesn't matter.

How many girls in fifth grade go out and date?

I am in 6th grade and I feel that a lot of girls in the fifth grade will go out if they are asked or if they really like a guy and ask them. Most of the time everybody will say yes to anybody for fear of breaking their heart.

How do you make a 6th grade girl want a 6th grade boy?

Give as many compliments as you can. Girls like to know that the guy likes her. Invite her out somewhere, but if you are too young, just talk at school or email and text her!

How do you make a 6th grade boy jealous of you I'm talking about jock player girls over him kind of guy?

You don't. It is an infantile thing to do.

You are in 4th grade and you like a guy in 6th grade how do you get him to like you back?

You don't.

How do you get a guy to like a girl to make her happy in 6th grade?

Being a 6th grade boy I can answer this pretty well I like girls who have great personalities ex: nice funny smart Looks are extra but you NEED good hygiene

How do you get a guy to like you in 6th grade?

Be yourself and smile at him.

How does a 6th grade girl get a date?

you should look at the guy and see if he has a girlfriend and if he dose not you should ask to hang out. look at the guy and see if he has a girlfriend and if he dose not ask to hang out but dont push it

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