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Members of the Apache nation eat the same foods that Americans eat. They do eat traditional foods like fried bread during family gatherings or special occasions.

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What did the apache tribe eat?

what did the apache tribe eat

What does lipan apache eat?

the lipan Apache eat buffalo, crops, and corn.

What does the Apache do today?


What do the Mescalero Apache eat?

what did the mescalero eat

Did apache eat dog?

No, they did not .

Where is the Apache now?

They are in reservations today.

Why didn't the Apache eat seafood?

There is no sea where the Apache lived. Therefore, no seafood.

Did the Apache eat buffalo?

Yes, they did.

Are there any Apache Indians alive today?


What is the apache tribe like today?

the same -.-

Is the Apache helicopter still used today?


What did the Apache eat?

deer rabbit buffalo

What fruits did the Apache Indians eat?


Where the Apache Indians fishers?

No they did not eat fish

What kind of food did the apache eat?

Apache Indians ate corn, squash, beans, and other foods.

What were General Crook's tactics to end Apache raids?

Employ Apache scouts and soldiers to track and battle Apache renegages, which today we would call insurgents or terrorists. Apache soldiers and scout working for US Army new Apache style of fighting and way of the land and Apache hideouts.

How many Apache Indians are alive today?

111,810 recognized members of the Apache tribes (there is more than one tribe)

What types of food did the Apache tribe of Canada eat?

The apache trtibe ate buffalo, rabbits, nuts and berries.

How many Apache Indians are there today?

13 tribs are left

What do the apache Indians eat?

Buffalo, Deer, and Turkeys

What type of food did the Apache Indian's eat?


How much is a 1963 apache raven worth?

In 1963, the Apache Raven Camping Trailer sold for $495. Today the 1963 Apache Raven in good condition is worth approximately $3,000.

What happened to the Apache Indians?

The apache tribe are still around today and are one of the most well known native american tribes.

What food did the Apaches eat?

The Apache Indians eat bread, corn, fruit and meat.

Why did apache Indians not eat fish?

Because they thought it was unholy for their tribe to hunt or eat

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