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What an Arabian horse has to live around will depend on where it lives. They can be kept in meadows, field's, paddocks, stalls, and pens. Each one presents different obstacles to the horse living there.

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What countries are Arabian horses found?

Arabian horses live all around the world.

What part in Arabia were Arabian Horses living?

Arabian horses live all around Arabia.

How old do Arabian horses live?

Arabian horses usually live between 25-30 years.

Do Arabian horses still live wild?

no Arabian horses are a mixed bread. No horses were in the wild right before the Arabian were bread.

How long do mules live?

usually around 35-45yrs. ponies,mules,and Arabian horses tend to live longer than horses

Where does arabian horses live?

Arabia . . . ?

What eats Arabian horses?

Arabian horses can be eaten by any predator that is found in te area they live in.

Where do most Arabian horses live?


How long do Arabian horses usually live?

It varies because all horses can live to be 30, or rarely 40. The average for an Arabian would be 30.

Do Arabian horses live in Saudi Arabia?

Yes Arabian horses do live in Saudi Arabia. Typically they are owned by Sheik's, business people, and riding schools.

How old is the Arabian horse?

Arabian horses can live until they are 45 years old. PS:i love Arabian horses i have one The Arabian horse breed is the oldest breed in the world!

Do horses live in Arabia?

yes... have you ever heard of Arabian horses? they originated there.

Where does an Arabian horse live in?

Arabian horses are not wild horses, they are domestic horses. They are kept, raised and bred all over the world, including the US, Canada, Europe and Arabia of course. Arabian horses are generally more fragile animals and many prefer to live in stalls, rather than outdoor keeping, but although stalls combined with daily turnout make for a lovely home for an Arabian horse, if a horse has a large paddock with lots of room to roam, and a safe, secure run-in shelter to go in when it needs, it will do wonderfully. Arabian horses now live all around the world, but they originated from the Arabian peninsula

Were do the Arabian horses come frome?

Arabian horses first originated on the Arabian Peninsula.

Do Arabian horses migrate?

They do not. Currently there are *no* wild, purebred Arabian horses. Yes, I am sure the mustangs have some Arabian blood, but there are not any wild Arabian horses. All Arabian horses known today are domestic.

Does Arabian horse live in central Arabia?

So long as a human in that area owns them, then yes, Arabian horses live in Central Arabia.

Are there Arabian horses for sale in Namibia?

Most likely there are Arabian horses for sale in Namibia, however to find one you may have to do some looking around.

How long do Arabian horses live?

Arabian horses live just like other horses live depends on how good u take care of it but most of the time 20-28 but i have a friends horse that's is 40 years old and she still rides hime!

Arabian horses rituals?

Arabian horses themselves do not have rituals.

How big can Arabian horses get?

Arabian horses can get up to 15hh.

The letter a that disccribs Arabian horses?

Arabian horses. A for Amazing.

How long does an Arabian horse live for?

Arabian horses like any other horses can get hurt or sick and this can cause death, But the Arabian horse usually has quite a long life span from 25 yo +.

Where do arbain horses live?

Arabian horses live anywhere their owner keeps them. They can be found on nearly every continent except Antarctica.

Where do arbian horses live?

Arabian horses now live mostly in stables all over the world, whereas they used to live primarily in the desert.

Where do the Arabian horses live?

Many believe they originated from Central Arabia.