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These stand for 'Carbon Copy' and 'Blind Carbon Copy'.

All email addresses in CC and BCC will be sent the email you have written. The difference is that addresses in the BCC list will not be able to see the addresses of anyone else you have sent the email to.

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Q: What do CC and BBC stand for in an email?
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What is the different between using CC and Bcc?

A CC is a way to send an email to multiple people, and a BBC will not show those people who you are sending in the email.

What does CC stand for when emailing?

The term CC in email stands for "carbon copy".

What dose cc stand for in an email?

Carbon Copy

What deos CC mean?

CC means Carbon Copy and it will send the same email to the person in the CC box. Anyone you send the email to can see this so if you want to make sure no one can see who you send the copy to then use BBC.

What does the letters Cc stand for on the top of a email?

If you receive an email with Cc listed at the top of an email followed by your email address that means you have been sent a copy of an email which was originally sent to someone else. If you receive an email with Cc listed at the top of an email follwed by someone elses email address that means a copy of the email which was sent to you was also sent to someone else, being the address beside Cc.

What does cc stand for on an email?

CC = Carbon Copy BCC = Blind Carbon Copy (No one else will see that you CC'ed that person)

What does cc stand for in email?

cc stands for carbon copy! It comes from the old fashioned carbon paper copies that were used in the era of the typewriter.

What does Cc in a email stand for?

It means 'carbon copy' - the person you 'cc' will get an exact copy of whatever you send to the main recipient-hope that helps!

What does the Cc stand for?


What does cc and BBC mean?

Cc means Carbon copy, and if an email address is entered into the Cc box a back up copy of the email will be sent to that person. Bcc means Blind Carbon copy, and if an email address is entered into the Bcc box a back up copy is sent to the person, but they don't see who else has received the email.

What does cc stands for in a email?

"CC" stands for "carbon copy" It is usually a copy that you send to people just for the information. It can also stand for "courtesy copy"

What does BBC stand for in email?

It's BCC and it stands for Blind Carbon Copy. It means that person will get a copy of the email and only that person and the sender will know.

In a email mail what is cc?

When referring to email, "cc" means carbon copy.Every recipient email address you enter into the "to" and "cc" fields will be able to see each other.

What happens when you use cc in Email?

CC(Carbon Copy) is just another recipient to be sent a copy of the email. When you send an email with an email in the 'To' field and an email in the 'CC' field, the person in the 'To' field can see who was in the CC field, although if you use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), they can't.

What is cc in emails?

CC stands for carbon copy. When you enter email ids as "cc" a copy of your email will be sent to those ids as well.

What does CC stand for in CC Sabathia?

CC stands for Carsten Charles.

What does the cc stand for in VW cc?

The CC in Volkswagen CC stands for "Comfort Coupe".

What does cc stand for in liquid measurement?

cc stand for cubic centimeters, which is the same as milliliters.

What does cc stand for in cc thread?

Cubic Centimeters

What does CC stand for in emails?

cc stands for carbon is used when you want someone else or other people to receive the email because it may be pertinent to them but they are not the direct main recipients of it.

What do the initials BBC on a memo or email stand for?

Assuming you meant BCC not BBC - It stands for 'Blind Carbon Copy'. It's a method of sending the same email to more than one person - without each recipient knowing who else is getting it. Each person only sees their name on the email.

What does the Cc and Bcc stand for in the email heading box?

Cc stands for carbon copy. It identifies a person who will receive a copy of the email AND whose name will be revealed to other receipients Bcc stands for blind carbon copy. The person will receive a copy of the email but their name will not be revealed to other receipients

What is mean cc when you are sending email?

CC means Carbon Copy

What is cc in a email?

carbon copy!

What is a cc in an email?

Carbon copy

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