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they wear mandars, dresses, ponchos, mandarin, gongfu, long robes, and brocade shoes.

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Q: What do Chinese scholars wear?
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Where did the compass come from?

It came from Chinese scholars.

What do Chinese wear on Chinese New Year?

Now, most Chinese people on Chinese new year wear a cheongsam it is a dress which only girls wear.

What clothes do Chinese wear?

Chinese people wear jeans on the bottom

What is the Mendez dress code?

The Mendez dress code is going to be based on what grade the scholar is in: the 8th grade scholars will wear black polo shirts, the 7th grade scholars will wear white and the 6th grade scholars will wear gray polo shirts.

What fabrics did the Chinese used to wear?

For Chinese it was very fancy to wear silk.

When did scholars write the first Chinese dictionary?

4000 b.c.

What has the author Heng Zhu written?

Heng Zhu has written: 'Dao nan yuan wei' -- subject(s): Chinese Scholars, History, Neo-Confucianism, Philosophers, Scholars, Chinese

What has the author Jichang Zhang written?

Jichang Zhang has written: 'Li dai xun li zhuan' -- subject(s): Biography, China, Chinese Scholars, Officials and employees, Scholars, Chinese

What Chinese people wear at Christmas?

Chinese people don't really wear anything special. They do wear red on Chinese New Year though. That is the only special outfit they wear that is the closest to Christmas.

Do Chinese wear special clothes on Christmas?

yes, the Chinese do wear special clothes on Christmas.

Did Confucianism have a god?

No, Confucius is a Chinese Confucian scholars were thinking, is atheist

What did Chinese scholars do in the Ming Dynasty?

That is a very good anwser sir.

What do Chinese people were on the Chinese New Year?

they wear Chinese dragon costumes

What do they wear on Chinese New Year?

On Chinese New Year, they wear a dress or outfit called chongsai

Do Chinese girls wear underwear?

Yes. The overwhelming majority of chinese girls wear granny panties.

Chinese wear special clothes when?

They wear it on Chinese New Years. :]

What do Chinese men wear on Chinese New Year?

the men wear usaly, all black, while the women wear all red.

What type of clothes do chinese wear?

The type of clothes that Chinese people wear include typical Chinese outfits. These outfits can be elaborate or very plain.

What happened to Chinese scholars during the mongol rule?

the mongol ruled china

How did Classical China react to Buddhism?

It was rejected by chinese scholars and banned by the emperor

Why do Chinese people wear red for Chinese New Year?

Red,in the Chinese eyes,represents happiness and fortune. So it is easily understandable that Chinese people wear red for the new year.

What do Chinese wear to bed?

anything!! they just wear what they want!

What do the Chinese wear when cooking?

THE chinese mainly wear aprons like most countries but sometimes they wear an extra set of working or torn clothing when cooking.

Why do Chinese people wear white makeup?

Chinese people do not wear white makeup. You are perhaps thinking of a Japanese geisha.

What do Chinese people people wear when it is Chinese New Year?

Wear traditional/brand new clothes - preferably in red.