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What do Claudius and Hamlet's plans have in common?

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They both want to kill somebody. Claudius wants to kill Hamlet; Hamlet wants to kill Claudius.

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Who is Hamlets uncle?


Who was claudius in the play Hamlet?

Claudius was hamlets Uncle and later became his stepfather because his mother Queen Gertrude married Hamlets uncle "Claudius".

What is the name of hamlets uncles?


What is Hamlets uncles name?


What is Hamlets uncle's name?

Claudius: The new King of Denmark.Claudius

Who killed Hamlets father?

King Claudius, who also happens to be hamlets uncle.

How did Hamlets father die?

Claudius killed him.

How marries Claudius?

Gertrude, Hamlets mother.

Who is in on hamlets scheme to get a reaction out of claudius?


Why do you hate Claudius?

If this is Claudius in Hamlet, its because he killed hamlets father to take the thrown.

Why did claudius kill hamlets dad?

to become king

Who does hamlets mom marry?

her brother in law claudius

Hamlets mother marries who?

Hamlet's Uncle Claudius

What bothers Claudius and Gertrude about hamlets dress?

It wasn't manly.

What did Claudius put in Hamlets wine?

A pearl laced with poison.

Why did claudius stop the play?

Because Hamlet reenacted in a play his fathers death, which included Claudius because he killed hamlets father by putting poison into Hamlets fathers ear hope this helped

What is Hamlets plan involving the actors?

Hamlet plans to use the actors to prove whether or not Claudius was guilty. This would be achieved by instructing the actors to portray the murder of Gonzago, which would make Claudius feel guilty if he did indeed commit the murder.

Who was gertrude in Hamlet?

Hamlets mother/ King Hamlet/ Claudius' wife

Why did Claudius kill hamlets father?

Because He wanted to take the throne.

Who was named king after Hamlets father died?

Hamlet's uncle Claudius.

How did claudius say hamlets father died?

From a snakebite when he was asleep in his orchard.

What does Claudius say caused king hamlets death?

A snake bite.

Who becomes the new king after king Hamlets death?

Claudius-who is Hamlets uncle, gets married to getrude and then becomes the new king

What were the names of Hamlets parents?

Queen Gertrude, and King Hamlet (deceased) Queen Gertrude then married King Hamlets' Uncle, Claudius.

What happened to hamlets father?

He was murdered by his brother king Claudius. He poisined him in the ear.