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Is fencing fun?

This would depend on what you really want. Some people use fencing that can be seen through, like wired.

I had neighbors as a kid with fence made of thick bushes!

I was shocked recently when on the Internet and looking across the street from the house that had used the bushes, to see a new cinderblock fence, two stories tall! On what had been an empty lot before!

To get fences "fun" may include praying to God about this?

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What do you call two people fighting with swords?



Can a heavily built person fence?



What do you call a person that uses an epee?

A fencer that uses an epee is referred to as an epeeist.


Why is the sword sport called fencing?

The verb to fence is derived from the noun fence, with an original meaning of "the act of defending", etymologically derived from Old French defens "defence", ultimately from the Latin. The first attestation of Middle English fens"defence" dates to the 14th century

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What is 'en garde' when translated from French to English?

En garde in French means "on (your) guard (because I am about to attack, in fencing)" in English.


What are fencers sword called?

There are three kinds of sword (foil, epée and sabre), each one with its own rules.


How old do you have to be to join a Fencing classes?

You should probably be older than 7. As for the top end of age, you can fence until you physically can't. It is best to ask the coach of the facility where you would consider fencing.

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How do you use sword in a sentence?

I used a sword to slay a dragon.


What are people who fence sword fight called?

They are called Fencers.


What are the parts of a fencing uniform called?

The first thing that one should have is a pair of white knee-length pants called breeches, and a pair of knee socks (no skin should be shown on the legs).

Next is the plastic chest protector; then the plastron: the underarm protector, which is the one-sleeved white jacket.

Next is the bodycord, which is held in the hand wearing a glove.

Next is the white long-sleeved jacket, just called a jacket. Finally there is the conductive silver lamé, which identifies the target area. It is sleeveless for a foilist and long-sleeved on a saberist; epéeists do not wear lamés.

Finally, there is the weapon. There are three different choices: a foil, which has a smaller handle; epée, which has a larger handle and a larger target area; and a saber, which has the largest handle and a target area of the upper torso.

Hope this helps!


Are there any fencing schools in Miami Florida?

Yes there is, it's called Miami Fencing Club. For more information their phone number is 305-992-1946 and their website is www.miamifencingclub.com, you could also e-mail them at miamifencingclub@couragenow.com. Hope this helps! And anyone else out there who knows about fencing schools is there one in or really close to Vero Beach, FL??? If there is just answer this question but to let me know its for Vero, put "THIS IS FOR THE VERO KID!" on it. Thanks!


What is the most dangerous fencing move?

That can depend entirely on which weapon you're using and how you're using it. Typically anything with plenty of force behind it stands the chance of injuring your opponent, and if your blade is broken, it becomes very dangerous.


What is the bell guard of a fencing sword made of?

Bell guards are made of different metals, typically steel, or aluminum.

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What are parries 6 7 and 8 in saber fencing?

Saber Fencing ParriesThe parry six in saber fencing is basically a parry five, with your weapon arm on the other side of where your arm would have been if it was a parry five. So if your weapon arm fist was on your right when you do a parry five, it will be on the left in a parry six. The blade still blocks the same target area as the parry five (the head), but exposes your forearm to attack (which is why few people use it).

There is no Parry 8 in Saber Fencing, though.


Why do people practice fencing?

People take up the sport of fencing for many reasons. Some of these may include the desire for recreational exercise, the desire to participate in a sport with a long history, or even an attempt to better educate themselves in various martial arts and self-defense.


Can you fence with a machete?

Yes, there are several West African and South American fencing techniques that allow one to fence with the machete. If you'd like to learn more, there is a series of videos on "Youtube" that demonstrate the Hatian varaition of machete fencing.


What is double touches in the sport fencing?

It's when two epee fencers hit each other at the same time.


Where can you buy purple fencing gloves?

Try Leon paul's website


What is a fencing sword called?

There are 3 types of fencing swords:




The target area of epee is the whole body. You hit with the tip of the blade.

For foil, only the torso is target area, and you also get a touch with the blade's tip. Sabre is only the upper body. You use the side of the blade, but you can also use the tip.

Olympics Fencing

What are sport fencing terms?

Currently, three types of weapon are used in Olympic fencing: Foil: a light thrusting weapon; the valid target is restricted to the torso; double hits are not allowed. Épée: a heavier thrusting weapon; the valid target area covers the entire body; double hits are allowed. Sabre: a light cutting and thrusting weapon; the valid target area includes almost everything above the waist (excluding the back of the head and the palms of the hands); double hits are not allowed. Find the appropriate link for the desired list of fencing terms. Hope this helps! http://www.synec-doc.be/escrime/dico/engl.htm Handy website there for new folks to our glorious sport!


What parts of fencing sword is called?

There are three types of weapons in fencing; foil, epee, and saber

The parts are different from one another in each weapon, but all have the same general layout.

The grip: the "handle" where the fencer holds the weapon. There are MANY different types of grips.

The bell-guard: The metal area right above the handle.

The blade: the actual blade of the weapon. However, it is not sharp

The tip: The tip is the part that actually stabs the opponent. It can either be electric (so it creates a circuit and a light goes off) or a rubber tip (for a practice weapon).

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Orthpedic should be orthotic. Fencing grips do not go on the feet.?

1: French grip - A simple bar with no special grip, moulded slightly to the shape of the hand.

2: Pistol/Orthopoedic grip - Held as you would a pistol, shaped to provide a powerful parry

3: Italian - Rarely used or produced today, shaped like the french grip, but with a bar vertically positioned to hold with middle and ring fingers to provide powerful parrying strength. 4: Garde-air (I'm not sure on the spelling) - a pistol grip shape with the pommel of a French grip. Uncommon. 5: Spanish - Similar to the Italian, but the bar protudrudes further out of the hilt (now illegal in fencing, too easy to perform a pris de fer without resistance) 6: Pommel - Looks like a tennis raquet grip, held much further down away from the guard and used in what would seem a scrappy unorthodox fashion. Used in Epee, fitting I'd say. G V Hett: "Epee is the sport of opportunism and unorthodoxy" Pommelers are non existant in foil


n. (used with a sing. verb)The branch of medicine that deals with the prevention or correction of injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints, and ligaments.

The origin of the term orthopedic in reference to the grip had to do with fencer's hands becoming injured. It has nothing to do with feet.


Can you die while fencing?

Not after Vladimir Smirnov's death caused an extreme improvement in equipment in the late sixties. There were great improvements to the protection of fencing gear, but yes, you can still die from fencing. Many people wear ill-fitting masks when beginning to fence, which leaves a gap between the top of the chest and the chin, slightly exposing the neck. It is very improbable that one would die, but possible.


What are fencing swords called?

There are a few types of swords used in fencing. The foil, epee, rapier, and sabre.


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