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The same things as regular Christians.

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Do Christians believe in after death reincarnation or in heaven?

Christians do not believe in reincarnation. Christians believe in Heaven.

What do Christians believe about Christmas?

Christians believe that it celebrates the birth of Christ.

What are the five main beliefs in Christianity?

Christians believe in God the Father of the Heavens and the Earth Christians believe God sent his Son Jesus to Earth to save it Christians believe Jesus was born of a Virgin Christians believe Jesus died on a cross for our sins Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead Christians believe Jesus will return for his people.

What are facts about the Christianity?

1. Christians believe in God (the Father) Jesus (the Son) and the Holy Spirit 2. Christians believe that Jesus died on a cross for their sins. 3. Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead. 4. Christians believe that Jesus will one day return to Earth. 5. Christians believe in Heaven. (where God & Jesus currently are) 6. Christians believe in the Holy Bible as the Word of God 7. Christians believe they Need to follow the 10 commandments 8. Christians believe that Mary the mother of Jesus was a Virgin 9. Christians believe in Miracles. 10. Christians believe they should spread the word of God. (Missionary works)

How many gods to Christians believe?

Christians believe there is only one God.

When do Christians believe life starts?

Christians believe that 'life starts' at conception.

Do all Christians believe in miracles?

No, not all Christians believe in miracles. Some Christians believe that miracles died out when the original Apostles died. Others do believe that miracles still exist.

How do Hindus and Christians compare?

Hindus believe in reincarnation; Christians don't. Hindus believe in karma siddantham; Christians don't.

Why do Christians believe in the Devil?

Jesus believed in the Devil. Why should Christians believe differently?

What is difference between Jews and Christians?

Christians believe that the Messiah Has Come. Jews believe that He Has not.

What is the difference in names between German Jews and German Christians?

The same as American Jews and American Christians. It's about the faith.

How many saints did the Christians believe in?

Christians continue to believe in thousands of different saints. There are currently over 10,000 named saints that Roman and Orthodox Christians believe in.

How do you spell believe in German?

Believe is glaube in German.

Do Christians believe in the Devil?

They believe there is a devil but don't believe in him in terms of following him. They follow Jesus Christ. Some christians believe in the devil

Why do Christians believe that life is sacred?

Christians believe that life is sacred because they believe that humans are created "in the image of God".

How many Christians believe in the signs of the stars or heaven or astrology?

True Christians do not believe in Astrology. .

Do Christians believe in the after life?

Yes, Christians all believe that the soul will live on after the body has died.

Do most christians believe that jesus suffered and was crucified?

As far as i know, all christians believe that.

What is germanic Christians?

A Christian who is German.

Do Christians believe in ghosts?

YES Christians believe in the existence of evil spirits, which is what they believe ghosts are. Christians do not believe a ghost is a dead person haunting humans or places on earth. There are also many different types of christians with different beliefs so your answer will vary.

What do Christians believe about angels?

Christians believe that angels are servants of God, and guardians of Christians. Demons are fallen angels that rebelled against God.

Why do Christians believe hospices are so important?

I think Christians don't believe this.Hospices are important to all people not so important to Christians.

What did Christians believe happend to Jesus after he was crucifide?

Christians believe after Jesus was buried, he rose three days later! And we believe that right now, Jesus is preparing a place for His people (Christians). Which will result in a while different subject. (The Rapture, what Christians believe about the End Times)

Why do Christians not believe in miracles?

A:Christians do actually believe in miracles - just not the miracles of faiths other than their own. Catholics believe that miracles are constantly being performed, but other Christians believe the age of miracles is over.

Why did the christians split from the Jews?

Christians believe Jesus is the son of God, and Jews believe he is just a prophet.

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