What do German Shepherds eat?

There are brands of food that are specially formulated for German Shepherds. However, these are usually filled with corn or other grains which offer very little nutrition. There are plenty of brands out there that will work just fine. With dog food, you usually get the quality you pay for. Staying away from foods that have a lot of cereals and other grain in would be best. Pick a food that has a high meat content. I have five German Shepherds and I feed my dogs Canidae which has more than enough fat and protein for them. A puppy or a pregnant/lactating needs to have a food that is at least 17% fat and 28% protein.

There are also many people who feed their dogs strictly a raw diet which consists of meat, bones, organs and sometimes with a small amount of vegetables, fruits and vitamins. While there are people who do a mix of kibble and raw.
It is up to you how you feed your dog. But the bottom line is do your homework and feed them a quality food.