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Q: What do Green blue and brown signs indicate?
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What are regulation signs?

Regulation or regulatory signs are the signs along the highway that are black and white in color. Think of speed limit signs. These signs indicate a law or regulation, whereas yellow signs are cautionary signs. They indicate a possible hazard or danger. Brown signs or green signs are generally information, blue indicate travel services or accomodations.

What color is not typically used for informational signs green purple blue or brown?


How many colors and shapes of traffic signs is there?

There are 8. Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, White, Black, Blue, & Brown

How do I advertise my restaurant on Green Interstate signs?

You cannot advertise restaurants on Green signs. Green signs are usually for driver guidance. However you could advertise them on Blue signs which are designated for driver convenience. In some areas these are also green. I've also seen them brown. A sign shop maybe able to answer that question for you.

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Blue signs are used to indicate what to drivers?

motorist services

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